adebiyi olufemi
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Marketing executive 80 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2006
The Polythenic Ibadan(HND in Business Administration)
No added languages


marketing and sales executive
Spec digital prints,matori,oshodi
March 2012 - August 2012 (6 months)


Marketing of our products to customers and also convincing them to make purchase and keep them as customers.

B) Ensuring the most fastest and adequate delivery method of our products and services i.e. our chain of distribution, to our customer especially after orders has been placed.

c) Selling to corporate organizations and also designing pro-active sales models to suit their budget to make them purchase and also a very convenient payment method/plan.

D) Sourcing for customers (corporate organizations, wholesalers, retailers, agencies etc) to actually make purchases of our variety of products.

e) Periodic visitation to our clients, thereby maintaining a very cordial relationship and also getting information about how customers are responding to our products .i.e. their acceptability and complains.

f) Adequate conduction of market surveillance and intelligence. This has enabled us to have adequate information & knowledge about

a) Our competitor’s existing range of products

b) Their mode of distributions and pricing strategies

c) The various methods they employ to boost sales and gain customer confident to consume their products e.g. promotions offers, referral commissions etc.

d) The market trends, i.e. the ability to determine which product is fast moving in the market

With all these information,i have been able to help the management in taking decisions aimed at:

1) Product development.

2) Product Review.

3) Designing and Re-designing of chain of distribution to customers.

4) Product branding and re-designing

g) To follow up on our major prospect and intending customers (i.e. corporate organizations, wholesalers and retailers) and to convenience them for patronage.

i) Adequate preparation of daily, weekly, monthly sales evaluation report to our head of marketing and sales on:

a) Weekly Sales (Total Sales target, total actual sales, weekly client rating etc)

b)Trade debts collection reports.

c) Strategies to make up for outstanding jobs

d)New clients and prospects

e) MIR ,Market Intelligence Reports.

f)Market indications

g) Sales breakdown for the month

h) Other expenditures etc..

facilities Manager
Johnson Agiri event center
November 2009 - August 2011 (1 year 10 months)

b) DUTIES AS THE EVENT CENTER MANAGER (04/11/2009-05/08/2011)


a) Regular supervision /maintenance of all electrical appliances e.g. Air conditioners, Power change-over switches, ceiling fans, lighting bulbs etc for a smooth day to day operations.

b) Daily maintenance and supervision of repair works carried out on the 114kva Perkins Mikano Generator as at when due.

c) Regular supervision of the general maintenance of the Cooperative event hall building i.e. fixing of damages caused either by natural occurrence or by guests after every event e.g. damaged toilet, wash hand basins broken window glass etc.

d) Regular maintenance/repair of water pumping system (water channelization) and also the borehole to ensure smooth flow of water in and out of the event centre.

e) Supervision of the cleaning of the Cooperative hall and entire compound before and after each event.

f) Periodic security checks on all properties of the cooperative hall events centre to ensure their safety and accountability.

g) Prompt payment of all utility bills.

h) Supervision of guest car park to ensure free flow of automobiles in and out of the premises.

i) Settling of disputes between co-workers i.e. between the cleaners and security officials.

j) Acting as an intermediary between the Directorate and the hall workers and also seeking a good relationship between both parties in case of any grievance.

k) Ensuring of proper record keeping and documentation of all bookings of event date by event organizers.


a) Regular creation of awareness through word of mouth, proposal to organizations, discounts and referral commission to people to boost sales.

b) 24/7 uninterrupted customer care service being rendered by my office for all enquiries, complains and suggestions.

c) Ensuring that all payments are made before any event and also that the caution fee (any refundable charges) are refunded to any deserving customer.

d) Ensuring that all customers are satisfied with our service at all times and also apologize for any shortcomings which we rectify immediately.


a) THE INTRODUCTION OF APPLICATION FORMS INTO THE SYSTEM OF OPERATION. Recognizing the importance of information to any organization, I swiftly designed and introduce an application form for proper documentation of all activities by the event organizers. This was done immediately I assume the position of the event center manager. This strategy helped in the elimination of loss of data and also ensures seriousness of both parties since all term and condition of services were clearly stated in the application form.

b) THE INTRODUCTION OF A COMPULSORY CAUTION FEE. In an effort to make sure that the business records loss, I also introduced the payment of a compulsory refundable caution fee. This helped us greatly to reduce damages to our facilities by customers because they know what is at stake if any of our property is damaged.

c) CREATION AND MAINTENANCE OF A HEALTHY WORK ATMOSPHERE. A healthy work atmosphere was created between all workers and also between all events center workers and the Directorate. I personally encourage a team work and not on individual efforts.

d) ACCOUNTABILITY AND SAFETY OF ASSETS. This was achieved due to my regular security checks on all physical assets in the premises. All missing items were reported and were immediately replaced.

e) A HIGH LEVEL OF PATRONAGE. I personally make customers my friends and I communicate with them on regular basis informing them about our discounts, referral commissions etc.

customer care officer
odua telecoms ibadan
April 2008 - February 2009 (11 months)


a) Maintaining a position of trust and responsibility by keeping all customer business confidential.

b) Answering of the customer’s queries in an ethical and informative way.

c) Passing across appropriate and relevant information to the customers.

d) Always working to promote the company’s business.

f) Ensuring that the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and other related policies as followed and achieved always while maintaining ethical behavior.

e) Developing a friendly relationship with the customer base, have knowledge of account ownership, be responsive and timely with correspondence and problem resolution, and display a caring attitude,etc.