Olugbenga Jamin
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Marketing 150 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2002
Akugba/ Lagos State University/ Ondo State University,
No added languages


Teller/ Customer Service/ Funds Transfer
Spring Bank/ Enterprise Bank
October 2007 - November 2012 (5 years 2 months)

TELLER: Credit and debit of account. Process of phon- pay direct. Multichoice- pay direct. States government-pay direct. Process on entranzact platform. Process on Lagos State government platform. CUSTOMER SERVICE:RELIVE OFFICER: Opening of accounts for new customers. Micring of cheques and issuance. Prompt attending to customer's request and instructions and feedback's. Issuance of debit cards to customers. Checking account balances. Scanning and uploading of customer's mandates. Freezing and unfreezing accounts. Reactivating dormant and inactive accounts. Prompt printing and dispatch of customer's monthly bank statement. Cross selling of all the bank's products. Attending to all internal telephone call. FUNDS TRANSFER: Posting of salary schedules. Maintaining all books of accounts. Rendition of monthly account proofs to user departments. Posting and transfer of instruments into accounts. Preparing managers cheques. Consummating international money transfer services- Moneygram & Western Union. Updating of all vault ledgers and supervision of cashiers. Loading of ATM machine and balancing of ATM cash. General supervision of all cash transactions. Remittance of phone bills and other bills. Preparation and administration of clearing schedules and caution notices. Petty cash and all prepaid expenses management. Booking and termination of term deposits in line with the bank's approved rates. Opening of accounts savings and current. Reactivation of dormant account. Issuing of cheque books. Return of uncleared chrques. Printing of statement of account. Attending to other request from customer. Customers relationship.