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Mechanical engineer 200 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2002
Enugu state university of science and technology (ESUT) Enugu.
No added languages


Site supervisor
Pelfaco ltd
January 2010 - Present Day (7 years 7 months)
  • Understand and be aware of all HSEQ requirements in my area of responsibility.

Act as focal point for specific operations or contracts, as directed by the project Manager, ensuring service delivery to the client's satisfaction in a timely, accurate, safe and cost effective manner.

Liaise closely with the Marine Manager and ensure he/she remains informed of all operational issues.

Attend locations as required onshore or offshore, to act as site representative / site manager as dictated by operational requirements.

Ensure that all work under my control is progressed in a safe, efficient, timely and accurate manner and provide status or end of project reports as required by the ProjectManager.

Assist with the development of operational procedures and documentation as required by the Project Manager.

Maintain and be responsible for accurate equipment tracking records related to work under my control

Promptly identify, record and advise clients of the costs for damaged or missing rental equipment.

Manage and supervise equipment mobilisation and demobilisation operations.

Process enquires and issue detailed quotations as required.

Process orders and promptly issue related instructions to materials department.

Aid in the development of industry best practice standards and procedures for the Marine department

Assist in developing new business by establishing relationships with clients on an ongoing basis to further growth and promote the provision of Marine services.

Supervise in conjunction with Engineering, specific procurement and/or commissioning projects as directed.

Ensure my own actions reduce risks by identifying and controlling Health, Safety and Environmental hazards.

  • Supervises the dredging task during sand filling, ensure that workers obey all the safety precautions and also intimate them on the hazards inherent in the job.

Our team is able to complete the first phase of the project successfully without any injury or accident, just celebrated the 1.5million LTI free man-hour.