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Mechanical fngineer
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2008
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October 2010 - Present Day (6 years 9 months)
  • Operate and maintain the plant during the shift according to company policies and procedures
  • Assist Shift Supervisors to perform his duties
  • Maintain plant power production at the output designed by Plant Management
  • Follow all procedures and instructions pertaining to start-up, shut-down and normal operations of the power plant systems
  • Complete, update and maintain all logs, check lists and running records in a clear and concise manner.
  • Assist in taking corrective action during system operational disturbance
  • Communicate effectively the condition of all plant equipments, any deviation/ disturbance from the normal conditions and other performances to Shift in charge and fellow personnel.
  • Watch over of all Alarms / Parameters of Engines and auxiliaries, Monitoring and analysis of trends of data pertaining to equipments at all time and making proper follow up in this regard.
  • To comply with all safety regulations including isolation, lock out and tag out and Perform emergency procedures in order to protect personnel and equipment in case of damage or failure of safety devices
  • Utilize all tools, equipment, and accessories in such a manner so as to maximize useful operating life.
  • Involve in safe and efficient operation of the plant by bringing violations of subordinates to the attention of the Shift Supervisor.
  • Provide the relieving shift operator with a complete handover, bringing to his attention any operational disturbance, malfunctions or abnormalities

Perform planned and corrective maintenance as directed and as needed and to account for all parts and materials, supplies and fluids used in the performance of that work.

Complete Disassembling, Maintenance and Assembling of the various parts of the generator as listed below:

Exhaust manifold, After cooler housing, Oil cooler ,Fuel pump and it drive, Water pump and is drive, Flywheel, Vibration damper, Camshaft, Cam bushings, Crankshaft, Metal bearings, Trust washer, Lubricating oil pump ,Pistons, Connecting rods, Piston cooling nozzles, Fuel manifold, Oil manifold, Water transfer tubes, Radiator, Turbocharger, Cylinder head, Valve grounding, Fan drive assembly, etc