New Media Officer

  • Date:

    14 February 2013

  • Job Type:


  • Company:

    MTN Nigeria

  • City:


Job Description:

* Understand the use of new media for stakeholder engagement and competitive advantage.

* Manage social media consultants for development and execution of strategy to corporate social media use.

* Drive monitoring and tracking of MTN on new media platforms, provide ongoing analysis and reports to the relevant business units.

* Engage middle to senior management towards integrated business engagement in social media space.

*Serve as new media champion within MTNN and promote a ctive staff adoption of new media for connection and collaboration.

* Develop and quality assure bespoke content for MTN new media platforms.

* Drive MTNN presence and dialogue on social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other similar community sites, posting relevant blogs, and seeding content into social applications as needed.

* Monitor and track MTN on new media platforms, provide ongoing analysis and reports to the relevant business units.

*Identify perception management opportunities in the new m edia space and raise critical issues for speedy resolution.

* Generate informative and insightful reports about MTNN activity and mention same in the social media space.

* Identify and develop bespoke content on new media that engages savvy internet stakeholder groups and aligns with MTN corporate speak .

* Develop reader-friendly content that communicates relevant corporate objectives and important customer information to foster articulation of the MTN point of view and engender empathy towards the MTN brand.

* Interface with Marketing, Customer Relations, Sales & Distribution, Enterprise Solutions, Corporate Services and other customer-facing/brand-building business units to drive customer education, acquisition and retention initiatives.

* Work closely with consultants to track, monitor and analyse online conversations about MTN in new media space.

Job Conditions:

Standard MTN working conditions. May b e required to work extended hours.

Reporting To: Senior Manager, Corporate Communications

Required Skills:

* First degree in a relevant discipline.

* 4 years work experience in corporate communications

* Ability to interpret and implement Communications strategy

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