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Newgate Medical Services Limited started operations in October, 2000 with commited staff of 10 with the aim of bridging the obvious gap identified in health care delivery service in Ikorodu. We decided to change the face of healthcare by raising delivery standard. We have over the year maintained our standards with continuous improvement of performance. Dynamism has been our watchword. Our Achievements Our healthcare business operation has created value for the hospital and for our customers. We have maximized the value of our clients, patients, numerous customers - our scarcest and most valuable assets. All our operational decisions(e.g Effective Healthcare Practise) has created an enterprise value. Our Focus NSML has balanced the need to compete and secure its financial position with a significant social role!..rather than maintaining myopic view of shared-market status. NSML are giving back to our valued employees, customers, vendors, and our most inestimable shareholders. Trust is the welcome consequence of any successful customer relationship. The more a customer trust us, the more overall value he will generate for the organization.