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Operations director 120 000
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


From 0 to 1998
imo state university,owerri,imo state,nigeria


operations director
libra capital ltd
March 2003 - December 2013 (10 years 10 months)


(1) I joined Libra Capital Ltd. when the company was very young with only a branch. As Operations Director, I was able to open more four branches through my leadership and team work skills in four different locations within Nigeria.

(2) Libra Capital has others branch outlets in the Middle East, but I was in charge of administrative and operation functions decision making of the five local branches in Nigeria, and partly oversee the one in Middle East..

(3) As a trading/importation company, I was responsible for all logistics, right from the point of purchasing the goods till the final delivery to the warehouse. I was totally in control of making the right decisions on what type of goods to bring into the country, travelling from time to time abroad to negotiate business with our producers/suppliers.

(4) I managed all the administrative and operations activities in the five local branches during my stay as the Operations Director.

(5) I have part responsibility of supervising sales; staff both administrative and field in a way that we achieved the best; this was done through taking note of all details required from my staff, putting their ideas together and make some good suggestions to my company.

(6) Important decisions and market survey to boost sales and output was my responsibility, this tripled the output of the entire company and added more profit, i did this by monitoring our revenue and profit margins from time, suggest to the company goods we should go ahead importing and the ones we should drop due to tight competition and low margin.

(7) During my stay as the Operations Director I added two more new businesses into the company through my idea origination.

(8) I resigned officially from Libra Capital Ltd on December 30th, 2013, due to shift in business to United Arab Emirate.