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PDF Human Capital Limited specialises in the provision of Management Outsourcing Services in areas such as Human Resources, Logistics and Facilities for clients. We design, implement and execute functional solutions for local and international clients; our professional services are currently directed at various sectors of the Nigerian economy including marketing and distribution companies, telecommunications, petro-chemical, education and real estate (commercial & residential) firms. Our one-stop shop philosophy defines PDF Human Capital's unique approach to the business of management outsourcing and our aim is to make our clients more competitive by providing them with a complete solution that reduces their costs, increases service levels and allows them to focus human and other capital resources on their core businesses. We provide bespoke solutions based on client's requirements and feedback and endeavour to get things right not just the first time but every time. Our company has attracted the skills of a number of qualified team players whose backgrounds are in the areas of human resources development, property portfolio management, repairs and maintenance and project management. We have equally implemented sophisticated computerised systems and management processes in compliance with world best practice to guarantee seamless service delivery.