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Passenger services officer (security) 150 000
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


From 0 to 2002
Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos
From 0 to 1999
University Of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu
No added languages


Passenger Profiler/Customer services
Air Nigeria Development Company Limited
October 2010 - Present Day (6 years 9 months)

l do check the authenticity of passengers travel documents (i.e. passport, visas, and tickets)

and do final passenger boarding checks at boarding gate. l liaise with the Nigerian Immigration in all matters relating to incoming INADS and DEPA/DEPU, giving informed guidance to the ticketing department and other related issues on validity of passengers travel documents at the point of ticket purchase, l also assists checking –in of our VIP passengers and help them make necessary arrangement on when they scheduled to travel such as visa obtaining, ticket purchasing and pre-checking of such passenger.

Client liaison Officer
Aviation Logistics & Mgt Ltd, 25 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos.
April 2005 - June 2010 (5 years 2 months)

I do pre-checks the authenticity of passengers travel documents (i.e. the passport, Visas, and tickets) at the Check-in counter, making sure prohibited items are not taken on board the flight by passenger, protocol services to our VIP passengers and making necessary arrangement as regards their flight details, l also handle Operations Control / Radio room coordination as regards cabin crew & flight Engineers movement tro & fro hotel/airport. l also handle administrative functions in the office as regards flight report documents, records updating of staff etc. l help secure passengers baggage’s from the point of check-in to loading into the cargo hold of the aircraft.