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Our robust portfolio of broadcast, digital and mobile products informs TV, Radio and Internet audience. Through off line publishing, we help to put your dream material(s) into the hand of your target audience. And when your desire is to make the whole world view your creative work(s) via the Internet, we are also available; we open up a window for you through the cyberspace so the whole world could know you, we hold a network of premium media companies built across media tools and platforms. If you are looking for a dynamic, forward thinking, results driven, Lagos based Web Company to deliver your next website, and then you’ve come to the right place. We would love to hear from you! We also operate in the fields of Branding & Identity Build, and Creative Social Media Campaigns. The cutting-edge difference between us and other entertainment blogs is that we focus on empowering our esteemed readers and followers with positive information, showcasing our celebs/ public figures in an enviable light. We are not the regular gossip blogs, rather, we clear up the gossip and not promote it by sourcing for genuine and confirmed stories. As one of our most effective means of sourcing genuine information, we aim towards getting direct interviews with the celebrities, public figures, youth and world leaders. We channel our concentrations on major news within and outside the shores of Nigeria, local and urban music, fashion, and current entertainment gist and events. Our ever dynamic team includes seasoned and highly qualified professionals in media and public relations, marketing and entertainment. We are equipped to launch special events, promotional campaigns and audience development services. We are the major and active hub for latest and blazing entertainment and urban News. First, we identify the social networks that will provide the most benefit to your business and then establish your presence across them. Next, we plan a strategy that will not just bring in fans, but will generate real leads and build brand loyalty. Some key solutions proposed in our strategy include regular interactive content, custom campaigns and social media marketing. We finally review using reports and analytics to measure progress and re-strategize if need be. We create complete brand strategies for the development of compelling brands which include: • Publishing• Information marketing• Web development• Advertising agency• Branding and repackaging• Qualitative / Quantitative Research and Audits• Promotional Materials