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Power access project coordinator 1 200 000
Job Type: Full-Time


I have no education
No added languages


Facilities Maintenance Coordinator
Provast Limited
May 2011 - Present Day (6 years 3 months)


Carrying out routine facilities inspection of the living accommodation area. Overseeing the activities of maintenance contractors, sub contractors and their personnel.

Sourcing for Service Providers to ensure quality and timely service delivery. Proactively developing comprehensive Preventive Maintenance plans and ensuring that these plans are adhered to.

Supervising FLM Checks on Diesel Generating Plants before switching on. Developing daily checklists to ensure that the state of equipment are ascertained daily, and any impending faults are nipped in the bud.

Conforming to, and enforcing EPA and OSHA electrical guidelines.

Providing valuable inputs and suggestions for during the design and execution stages of SPDC facilities.

Ensuring that electrical engineering best practices are adhered to by contractors under my supervision during the design and execution stages of projects.

Ensuring that SPDC standards and project specifications are adhered to.

Ensuring that projects are executed safely, timely and within budget.

Conforming to, and enforcing safety amongst my workers.

Shell Petroleum Development Company Limited
December 2010 - May 2011 (5 months)


Giving HSSE induction and HEMP training to new employees, organizing tool box meetings.

Carrying out premobilization inspections for contractor equipment.

Programming staff for HSSe Levels 1,2 and 3 certificates, Swimming Certification, HUET and other safety courses.

Organizing HSSE Kickoff meetings for contractor staff.

Organizing and attending weekly monthly and bi-monthly HSSE meetings.

Reporting any HSSE issues from my team to my Manager and discussing issues with a view to closing out these issues and looking ahead.

Organizing contractor performance review meetings to assess contractor HSSE performance.

Carrying out site inspections in all locations assigned to me.

Carrying out contractor safety audits.

Collating Unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, near misses, kilometers driven, man hours an a weekly basis and forwarding the above data to my boss.

Company Site Representative (Electrical Inspector)
Shell Petroleum Development Company Limited
June 2009 - December 2010 (1 year 7 months)


Was involved in carrying out site inspection of all FLB upgrade projects in Swamp-2 [Opukushi, Tunu, North Bank, Benisede].

Carrying out premobilization inspection of contractors’ tools, materials and safety gear before transportation to the field.

Reading and gaining mastery over the contract terms of any contract I am involved in.

Assisting in carrying out scopes for electrical jobs to be done.

Maintaining a cordial but formal relationship with others involved in contracts I supervise as well as setting a high standard in the relationship.

Maintaining a cordial but formal relationship with others involved in contracts I supervise as well as setting a high standard in the relationship Record quantity and monitor the quality of work done daily.

Issuing queries promptly and asking questions where necessary.

Reporting progress promptly and using templates to ensure that there is an auditable basis for penalties and incentives.

Responding to contractual requests as well as consulting the Contract Holder or Sponsor where necessary.

Ensuring that contractors under my supervision carry out contractual performance up to the standard agreed in the contract.

Involved in holding HEMP meetings with contractors before mobilization to site.

Involved in holding kick- off meetings with contractors before mobilization to site.

Ensuring that contractor workers imbibe team spirit on site.

Participating actively in morning pep talks and ensuring that contractor workers participate actively too.

Initiating daily Tool Box meetings with contractor workers before work begins.

Carrying out Job Hazard Analysis on all tasks before any job begins.

Initiating HSE drills for contractor workers on site.

Ensuring that SPDC work policies, procedures etc are understood by the contractor workers and adhered to.

Ensuring that safety awareness is created amongst the contractor workers and safety habits imbibed.

Enforcing safety where necessary especially with regards to the twelve [12] Life Saving Rules, the three Golden Rules etc.

Ensuring that my work permit document is always duly signed by the relevant authorities before work begins.

Ensuring daily revalidation of my work permit before daily work begins.

Reporting actual site situations to my boss and receiving instructions from him.

Carrying out integrity checks on facilities.

Noting and recording Unsafe Acts, Unsafe Conditions, Near Misses as well as Lost

Time Injuries on site, and passing these on to the safety department for documentation.

Closing out expired/exhausted Permit-To-Work documents.

Watching out proactively for early warning signs of contract slippage with a view to nipping such in the bud.

Monitoring implementation of contr act objectives using the criteria of HSE risk, Schedule, Quality, Procedures, Scope and Resource commitment.

Implementing audits promptly.

Ensuring that all action items are satisfactorily dealt with and closed out.

Closing out completed projects.

Initiating kick-off, HEMP meetings with contractors

Initiating Team HSE meetings

Developing Kick off meetings/HEMP/MER minutes of meeting

Carrying out site inspections / audits

Carrying out PPE inspections

Initiating LFI cascade to workers on site

Collating weekly HSE highlights for UA /UC/Man Hours

Collating monthly HSE reports for UA/UC/ Man hours

Initiating Drills for contractor workers

Organizing monthly HSE meetings for my team.

Assisting in organizing Bi-monthly departmental meetings.

Providing valid HSE and Pre-mobilization certificates for contractors.

Inspection/Reviewing of Contractor HSE Plan / Security Plan documents.

Operations Coordinator
Power Holding Company of Nigeria Plc, Warri
February 2005 - July 2009 (4 years 5 months)


Involved in projects right from the concept and detail to implementation.

Researching appropriate solutions and estimating timescales and costs.

Inspecting all Power Transformers, High Tension and Low Tension Lines within my network coverage area.

Liaising with other design team members.

Attending onsite meetings.

Making sure all Substations within my network are in good working condition.

Ensuring that all installations meet the company standards.

Witnessing High and Low voltage electrical wiring tests, grounding resistance tests and continuity tests.

Interpreting electrical construction and wiring installation drawings.

Developing electrical checklists for maintenance etc.

Making requisitions for materials needed to carry out maintenance of worn out materials in my network.

Notifying/Informing and advising management when the need arises of matters involving Transformer commissioning, topping of Transformer Oil etc.

Making sure all complaints reported to me are attended to within the shortest possible time.

Supervising all Lines men and Maintenance men whenever there is a major breakdown of equipment in my network.

Taking power outages in order to enable my lines men carry out their duties of repairs and maintenance safely.

Enforcing safety precautions before and while my men are at work.

Taking all Transformer load-readings on a two-monthly basis in order to ascertain the actual load on all Transformers within my network.

Liaising with management as well as consumers in order to come up with useful, proactive measures in the area of minimizing if not eliminating all cases of faults reported to me by consumers as well as my Lines men.

Designing, analyzing and interpreting test data.

Servicing and maintaining equipment.

Preparing product documentation, giving presentation and writing reports.

Keeping frequently in touch with the men at the Injection Substation/Control Room to ascertain the state of the Feeders supplying my network areas.

Actively involved in carrying out routine preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance of electrical assets in my net work area.

Following up cases, which have been referred to management for further action.

Liaising with my Marketing Officer in planning effective cash drive strategies.

Planning and supervision of daily jobs.

Troubleshooting, Identifying and Clearing of electrical faults along High Tension and

Low Tension lines within the supply area of the services unit.

General Maintenance of high Tension and Low Tension Lines within the supply area of the service unit

Taking Inventory of all Transformers located within the supply area of the Service Unit.

Installation of electrical fittings (Lightening Arresters. D – Fuses, Copper earth wires) onto channel Iron of High Tension Poles.

Installation of electrical fittings (lightening arresters, D – Fusses, Copper earth wires) onto channel Iron of High Tension Poles

Hooking up of Newly installed Transformers to High Tension Lines

Replacing worn out fuses on feeder pillars

Replacing broken down element fuses on high tension lines

Protection, Control and Metering

Testing of Faulty Power Transformers and networking

Maintenance of Control room panels and tripping units