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We are a newly established entrepreneurial company, an offshoot of a reputable Healthcare Facility in Nigeria, which recently obtained its license for the manufacturing, importation and distribution of new and innovative health related products to both commercial and domestic customers in Nigeria. Our products aim to provide better and alternative choices for different services and needs of our end users, with accessibility and ease of use in mind.PRODUCTS:1) GC Electronic Cigarette: is a hi-tech piece of device designed to provide a healthier alternative to conventional smoking; it simulates the sensation of smoking traditional cigarettes while offering an odour free, tar free, ash free and tobacco free option. This also serves as a potential smoking cessation aid for individuals that attempt to quit smoking. ( 2) Urine Drug Testing Kit: Illicit drug use has become common among adult and teenagers in our community; most hospitals and rehabilitation centres now engage in the use of the Drug testing Kits in treatment programs. Our Kit aims to minimize the use of illicit drugs in the country by providing a means to detect and thereby identify individuals who are abusing illicit substances; this serves as the first step to treatment.