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Prisco Industries Ltd was incorporated 14th August, 2012. We specialize in large scale production of t-shirt bag, die cut bag, bags on roll, stretch film, etc. We produce various plastic bags, poly bags with different thickness and sizes to cover a wide range of customers in all industries. These include Fashion, Manufacturing, Hospitality, and Distribution, Meat & Poultry industry, Food & Retail businesses, Heavy Industries, Light Industries and Agriculture field. The ever growing demands of plastic products and our capabilities to meet the market demands considerably have enabled us to become known. We are known for making high quality plastic bags at affordable prices as well as a very wide product range, technological innovation, highest quality standards, spotless service record and a long list of satisfied customers. We also cooperate with other plastic companies in Vietnam to meet all and various demands of our customers for plastic packaging and our customers are very happy with our services. MISSION AND VISION We seek to become the leading manufacturer of plastic bags, poly bags in Nigeria. We are committed to achieving sustainable development, creating thousands of working opportunities, ensuring high wages for employees contributing to Nigeria development and social and environmental responsibility. We offer and satisfy our customers with our high quality products and services. VALUES Our values shape our actions and describe how we behave in the world and react to customers product varieties. Performance Delivery over many dimensions: quality, timeliness, outputs to name but a few. Realism Inventiveness, creativity, and the setting of challenging targets are vital. Balanced against this is realism in the projects we select and the targets we set. This way we minimize risks and going down blind alleys. Accountability Accepting accountability, at both the personal and team levels. The chain is only as strong as the weakest link. Excellence We continually strive to exceed the expectations of our employees and our clients. Integrity We thrive on trust, honesty and delivering on our promises. Skill We bring into the business high calibre people who either possess the necessary skills or have the capability of gaining them. We will provide an environment that encourages continuous development.