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Project Manager 250 000
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


From 0 to 1992
Federal University of Technology Owerri
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Administrator, Marine Logistics
Compact Manifold And Energy Services (CMES)
June 2013 - Present Day (4 years 2 months)
Responsibilities: (1) Administrator of marine vessels engaged in providing security coverage within the the work area and also transfer of men and materials to and from the offshore locations. - coordinating the movement of the vessels - Monitoring the supply and controlling the consumption of fuel, lube oil and water - Supervision of the transfer of men and materials to and from supply vessels and other facilities, while ensuring adherence to safety instructions and guidelines. - Record-keeping of the POB (Persons-On-Board), the vessel crew and their certifications Preparation of daily reports of vessel POB, consumption, movements and activities. (2) HSE Officer/Fire Watch - Ensuring that the construction/mechanical work of a live oil and gas production platform extension is done in a safe manner. - monitoring the environment with gas detector to ensure gas-free environment during hot work. - Monitoring the activities to ensure that the personnel comply with safety measures with respect to work methods, the use of appropriate tools and safety wears. - Watching for fire hazards and monitoring hot works to prevent fire out-breaks. Achievements: Carry out activities without any incident. Established acceptable industry standards in performing work and inculcating safe work practices in the personnel as a lifestyle.
Operations/Administrative Manager
Rapidlink Resources Limited
April 2007 - June 2012 (5 years 2 months)
Responsibilities: Personnel management/recruitment services (manning/out-sourced labour support services), job scheduling and mobilization of crew men for marine vessels (Pipe-lay barges, rigs, supply boats & warehouses) for for technical and administrative functions, etc. Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental services (QHSE). Determination of personnel qualification, medical/physical fitness of crew men for offshore job, safety orientation for crew men prior to being mobilized. Logistics services: Planning, mustering and transportation of men and materials to work locations by air, land and sea, depending on job locations. Also car leasing, trucking services and supply of petroleum products of all categories. Oil field tools/equipment supplies and rentals, including: water jet pumps, air compressors, vacuum blasting machines, coating/painting machines etc. Offshore quality of life services: Determination of personnel welfare matters, such as personnel level of safety awareness, adequate feeding, sleeping conditions, recreation, communication with outside and families, Health challenges - physical and psychological matters, as it affects personnel functions and general well-being of the workforce. Represented the company at various at various meetings, accreditation panels, workshops, commissioning of projects, facilities, vessels etc. Achievements: Established peaceful working environment and smooth working relations between the workforce and the company. Achievements: Established peaceful working environment and smooth working relations between the workforce, company and the client.
Site Engineer
Hopic Nigeria Limited
March 1998 - October 2000 (2 years 8 months)
Port Harcourt

Responsibilities: Pipelines, manifold, risers and crude oil storage tanks inspection, maintenance and repair services - including: corrosion monitoring, coating evaluations, integrity assessment and rehabilitation activities (degassing, desludging/cleaning, washing, vacuum testing, welding repairs, fabrication, blasting and painting).Oil spill clean-up, QHSE services, site supervision/management, etc. - I was the Site Engineer responsible for preparation of job schedules, planning and supervision of work;Planning and supervision of work; mobilization of men and materials to site; conducting of tool box meetings; recording of daily work activities; preparing of daily work reports, job completion certifications and invoicing for completed jobs. Liaising between company and clients on one hand and also company and workers on the other hand. Additionally, I was in charge of materials handling, requisitioning for and proper inventory and control of same, with the store men reporting directly to me.

Achievement: Increased the company clientele due to excellent service delivery. Established a standard practice of excellent service delivery that has remained a point of reference to the company.