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Project and facilities cordinator 91 000
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


From 0 to 2000
University of Jos
From 0 to 2001
Project Management
From 0 to 2000
St. Murumba Collage
From 0 to 2010
United Nation Institute for Research and Training
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Project and Facilities Maintenance cordinator
June 2006 - Present Day (11 years 2 months)

· Oversee all day-to-day facilities management operations, including communications systems, security, health & safety, mechanical and electrical and building services, procurement and office services, including through the management of external contractors.

· Review Properties to determine specific needs such as space management, ventilation, machinery or equipment modification, location of same and renovation specifications.

· Generate and directs strategic facility plans for implementation of Organizational goals.

· Update and maintain real estate records in the company data base nation wide and other Africa location (Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda and Serra lone).

  • Prepare annual maintenance budget for properties, monitor accounts receivables, approve account payables and reports.
  • Coordinate design personnel for implementation of design documents for capital projects as needed using knowledge of Engineering design and technology and ensuring compliance of plan to various regulatory codes.
  • Oversee completion of all necessary appropriate tests and subsequently report results.
  • Coordinate activities of in-house trades and construction staff and outside contractors assigned to projects to ensure compliance to specifications and project completion timetables.

· Attends to request for buildings maintenance works in all company premises and all its subsidiaries. Prepare Schedules Technical specification of building maintenance work and bill of quantities.

· Conduct Auditing and inventory of all facilities for preventive maintenance implementation.

· Set up timetable/data for periodic maintenance of all facilities and equipments.

  • Supervised and coordinated construction projects, (Capital improvement and tenant fit up) subcontractors, vendors and maintenance staff.

· Ensure all building maintenance works in all company offices nation wide.

· Ensure proper and standard practices of maintenance are maintained.

· Set and adjust rental fess as appropriate and evaluate rental fess

· Monitoring of all fire and security system.

· Set up and maintain strategies and policies for infrastructure management.

· Monitoring of all Access Control and Protective devices on all company premise.

· Communicate regularly with tenant, contractors and vendors and maintenance staff.

· Ensure proper and standard codes practices in construction.

  • Responsible for site maintenance like: HVAC, Electrical, Fire Alarms, Generators, Water treatment systems, Building/Civil Works etc.

· Facilitation of construction projects to meet stipulated time.

· Ensure strict compliance to approve drawings and technical specifications, by all sub-contractors.

· Ensure strict compliance with all HSE code and regulations on sites.

February 2006 - June 2006 (4 months)
  • Ensure all building maintenance works.
  • Performs regular inspection of all premises to determine where maintenance and renovation works are required.
  • Monitoring of all fire and security system
  • Base Transmitting sites Sourcing and acquisition.
  • Monitoring of all Access Control Protective devices and CCTV camera on all company properties.
  • Supervised and coordinated construction projects (Capital improvement and tenant fit up) subcontractors, vendors and maintenance staff.
  • Negotiated tenant lease renewals and vendor contracts
  • Provide technical expertise and guidance in preparation and architecture of efficient datasets, layout, work statements, drawings and delivery schedules.
  • Regulation and control of GPRS devices.
  • Liaise with appropriate authorities to secure approval and deed of agreement on establishment of BTS stations.
  • Responsible for site maintenance like: HVAC, Electrical, Fire Alarms, FFE,

Building/Civil Works.

· Managing, scheduling and coordinating assigned real estate services.

July 2005 - January 2006 (7 months)

· Installation of new 10” steel gas main pipe 830 feet long and replacement of 10”, 12” and 18” steel pipe on Centre point energy Inc, gas service station on Broad way west Little Rock, Arkansas.

  • Replacement and abandonment 4” steel gas mains pipe with 4” plastic pipe and replacement of all gas services and meters on Mayflower Street, in San Antonio Texas.
  • Welding and installation of 4” Steel gas pipe mains 80 feet long on a new sub-division.
  • Loading and offloading of 10” steel pipes, movement of pipes from storage yard to site along University Avenue.

· Horizontal directional drilling of 3500 feet to install 2” and 4” gas mains and replacement of old services to all residential building on Martin Luther way North Little Rock and its environs.

· Horizontal Directional Drilling Technology for Line-Pipe construction under river, roads and through congested areas

· Gas Transmission and Distribution pipeline construction

· Installation of 600 feet, 4”plastic pipe mains using Horizontal Directional Drilling and replacement off all gas meters along 161 Highway North Little Rock, Arkansas.

· Installation of new 10” and 18” steel pipe for gas mains and replacement of 10” and 2” steel pipe for gas mains along 65th street North Little Rock, Arkansas.

· Installation of copper-cable for telecommunication and erection of telecommunication pits at new sub-division at shabby county

· Replacement of 2” old telecommunication cable at residential estate in Memphis. Tennessee.

· Installation of cable network television at new sub-division in Mississippi.

· Installation of 2” telecommunication cable and pulling of fiber-optic for cable television

April 2003 - June 2005 (2 years 2 months)

· Designed and construction of Communication Base Transmitting Station.

  • Supervision of all company project sites.
  • Production of construction prints for new project.
  • Aligning with sub-contractor for timely completion of projects.
  • Facilitation of projects to meet dead line.
  • Maintenance of all company premises and properties.
  • Supervision of construction of five floors office complex building.
  • Supervision of construction of three-floor 12 classrooms.
  • Assist in development of design and design development drawings, develop based sheets and construction details of airplane hanger for Apex Airline limited.
  • Produce and coordinates architectural documents with Engineers and Architects.
  • Produce contract documents under direction of Project Manager.
  • Supports and assist lead Architect in all phases of projects development

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  • Expertise in diverse areas of human and material management.

  • High speech articulation, writing and presentation skills.