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Akanni Olaoluwa Rotimi
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Q. C officer bsc chemical engineer
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2010
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DSA: Direct Sales Agent
First City Monument Bank (FCMB), Randle, Apapa Branch, Lagos State
March 2013 - Present Day (4 years 4 months)

Duties Performed:

  • Acquiring new Clients for FCMB Bank Consumer Products: Savings Accounts, Current Accounts, Fixed Deposit Accounts and Salary Loan Facilities.

  • Entering the Data of Customers that are Applying for Consumer Salary Loan Facilities to FCMB Loan Application Software Interface on FCMB Branch Systems to be further sent by intranet to FCMB Headquarters.

  • Scanning Loan form documents to FCMB Branch Systems to be further sent by email to FCMB Headquarters.

  • Sending weekly sales report and database on Clients in Microsoft Excel format to Area Sales Manager.

  • Categorizing uncategorized Companies and Organizations that have members of staff who are interested in Salary Loan Facilities.
Q.C Officer(NYSC)
Tower Aluminium rolling mills
September 2011 - June 2012 (9 months)
  • Checking the Quality of Raw Material Scrap Aluminium;

Ensuring through physical inspection that scrap iron or other unwanted materials are not present in collected Aluminium scrap.

  • Testing the Quality of Molten Aluminium from Melting Furnace;

Ensuring melt standard: Using a Quantometer machine to test solidified Aluminium melt to know the composition, if it does not meet the standard, additions are made to the melting furnace.

  • Ensuring Quality of Finished Aluminium sheets(Testing the quality of produced aluminium coil samples by checking the physical properties of the produced samples);

Testing the tensile strength of finished aluminium sheets through bend test to make sure defective materials that don’t have good tensile strength are not sent out.

  • Data entry of daily quality control information and production information using Microsoft Excel

Typing in quality control data and production data into computer systems for future analysis and records.

  • Analysing the quality of finished aluminium sheets using Quantometer machine.
  • Inspecting the quality of aluminium coils on the production line (being processed).
  • Testing the viscosity of new and used (to be reused) diesel oil mixture for rolling mill.
  • Observing the melting of Scrap Aluminium and the process of being formed to sheets.
  • Observing the process of Aluminium sheet thickness reduction.
Marketing/Sales Executive
Bettymovil Nigeria Ltd
June 2010 - May 2011 (1 year )

Duties Performed:


Increasing Loyalty, Building Relationships with Trade partners and Supporting Trade partners (Dealers and Sub dealers).Building relationships between Dealers and sub dealers and helping to nurture the relationship.


Identifying, classifying and supporting all players in channels of distribution- Database building and detailing them in weekly and monthly reports.

Resolving all issues and queries with regards to activations, products and promotions.


Increasing brand awareness of Signage.

Supporting all identified outlets with 100% merchandizing as appropriate and defined.


Managing stock in channel and stating distribution in weekly and monthly reports.

Directing outlets with stock challenges to identified Trade Partners (Dealers) to ensure there is no shortage of stock within your territory. Contacting sub dealers and dealers to confirm that stock is received and movement is verified stating this in weekly reports. Obtaining information on stock from all visited outlets in territory ensuring it’s recorded and reported weekly and monthly. Advising Regional Sales Manager if there is need for focused activity in territory to help move stock- as appropriate.


Training and coaching of all visited outlets in territory on how Rapido Cards can be used to place stakes on and predict football matches scores,

Giving information on products, services and promotions to sales partners.


Supporting and managing events and promotions.


Providing weekly and monthly sales activity reports.

Generating Market Intelligence reports.

Q.C Officer (I.T)
Megasea Nigeria Distillers Ltd
March 2009 - October 2009 (8 months)
  • Testing quality of raw material ethanol with hydrometer.
  • Testing the quality of water used in production using electrolytic meter.
  • Testing the quality of finished alcoholic beverages with hydrometer
  • Checking on and ensuring the mixing of raw materials in predetermined proportions to produce finished products (Mixing of ethanol and water in correct proportions in production tank).
  • Typing in production and quality control data into computer systems for future analysis and records.
  • Writing daily reports on production activities