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QA/QC inspector 450 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2003
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QA/QC Coordinator
August 2012 - Present Day (5 years 1 month)

Experienced in the preparation of technical project specifications; data sheets, project work procedures & schedules (Instrument and telecommunications activities). Inspection, testing and preparation of reports (checklist), also conversant with the use of DEP, IFC, Drawings, Single line, General layout Drawings.

Ensure that all certification, completions, commissioning and Handover dossiers are complete and able to demonstrate technical integrity of construction through mechanical completion,per-commissioning,commissioning and handover. Including any and vendor work scope documentation ensuring that all client vendors’ requirements have been met.

Ensure that punch list items where applicable are closed out and ensure all appropriate documentation TQ’s/EQ’s and JHA is included in the pack.

Ensure all affected equipment tag/cables/line number has been updated, and all appropriate drawings have been mark-ups are available.

Responsible in verifying all systems completions requirements associated with the work scope of project activities for all discipline,ie Structural, piping,electrical,Mechanical,process and Instrumentation prior to issue to mechanical completion(MC) certificate

Experienced in the preparation and review of instrument/folder from initial review to mechanical completion (MC).

Experienced in the issuance / making, reviewing and answering of transmittal reports: Field Inspection Reports (FIR), Construction/Commissioning Technical Queries (CTQ), Non-Conformance Report (NCR), Site Engineering also prepare Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) and carry out progressive inspection on site work.

Experienced in the preparation of as-built drawings, review and approval of documentation, maintenance of an efficient project related document and drawings.

Coordinated the QA/QC office ensuring that documentation is properly done and file properly stored. Maintains and updates inspection and test Records.

QA/QC Inspector-Instrument/Telecomms
February 2011 - August 2012 (1 year 7 months)

Assist the QA/QC manager in review of various inspection check sheet with respect to ITP.

Inspect the Calibration of various field instruments on bench as well as on Skid such as Level switches, Actuators, Psv’s, Transmitter of all types,SOV,SDV,PT’S,BDV etc

Visual inspection of loose field instrument in the store.

Interpretation of instrument drawings (PID), process hook up, electrical/Pneumatic drawings.

Assist the QA/QC Redlining to capture any deviation/modification and ensure a TQ is raised for Client approval.

Follow up valves check activity as instructed by QA/QC mgr.

Supervise calibration of Gauges using Dead weight Tester, and Ti/TE’s using Temperature calibrator

Supervision of Public Address and General Alarm system (PAGA) installation and termination in accordance to specification.

Conduct integrity test of PAGA system cables.

Verification of procured construction material cable Trays and other accessories.

Preparation of daily work report as directed by the QA/QC manager

Installation of various transmitters of all type on support stands, gauges according to spec.

Routine check / other duties assigned by the management.

Carry out inspection and conduct integrity test of instrument cables of all sizes(Both Primary and Secondary)

Carrying out general functional testing of various field instrument and inspection according to ITP.

Closing out of CAR and NCR issued by Client inspectors on defective job.

Supervise and inspect Cold and Hot-loop test of field instruments.

Monitoring and controlling the qualities affecting electrical and instrumentation activities in compliance with Shell’s standard Design and Engineering Practices (DEP), AGIP Project quality control procedures (QCP), Quality Assurance Manual (QAM) and ISO 9001: 2000.

Supervised and inspected Fire and Gas system (F&GS), Safeguarding System (SGS), also ensuring that Marshalling Distribution Panels (Cabinets/Consoles) for DCS in field auxiliary rooms (FAR), Satellite Instrument Houses (SIH), Remote Instrument Enclosures (RIE) and Instrument Junction Boxes (JB) are installed according to specifications and drawings.

. Directly liaising with the Document Control Department for document archiving for immediate and future reference.

Monitored and controlled the installation quality of all Gas detectors (warning light, Sounders, Beacons and Horns), smoke (VESDA) and fire detection systems (CO2, water spray) in the field and control rooms and many other systems e.g. SCADA system, vibration and performance monitoring system, anti-surge control system, for GE gas turbine

QA/QC Inspector -Telecomms
December 2009 - (более 50 лет)

Supervision and conducting tests on Fiber Optic Cables using OTDR machine.

Documentation and receiving of project materials.

Preparation of equipment check sheet “A” and Inspection test reports (ITRs).

Supervision of CCTV and PAGA system installation and termination.

Inspection and preservation of delicate fragile equipment.

Supervision of Public Address and General Alarm system (PAGA) installation and termination in accordance to specification.

Supervision of Fiber Optic Cable pulling, slabbing, backfilling and termination.

Supervision of CCTV systems (BOSCH) installation and termination.

Supervision of structured office cabling and fiber cabling for office LAN/Telephone.

Witnessing of test conducted on (UTP) unshielded twisted-pair cable, using Lan Cable Analyzer.

Supervision of cable trench preparation, cable pulling, cable tagging and documentation of cable pulling works.

Supervision of tests on Entertainment System Cables (RG6, RG59 and RG11), using TV Level Meter.

Interpretation of single line drawing, and all other drawings / diagrams associated to Telecom jobs on site.

Arrangement of Mechanical Completion Work-packs.

Interpretation of AFC drawings/work procedures/method statement/project ITP’s to field construction supervisors.

Work with the project materials coordinator to ensure that all delivered to project materials meet specification and are properly warehoused/stored and documentation

Review/confirm that all vendors-supplied or fabricated equipment delivered to project site met specification requirements prior to installation.

Assist the Redlining Coordinator to prepare as built drawings.

Assist the QA/QC coordinator in Preparation and arrangement of MCC(mechanical Completion Work Pack

Conduct and carry out integrity test of electrical power Cables before and after termination.