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From 0 to 2002
Petroleum Training Institute, Effurun, Delta State.
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QA/QC Consultant.
Slot Engineering Nig. Limited/Port Harcourt.
April 2013 - Present Day (4 years 4 months)

As Slot Engineering Quality Consultant, my responsibilities consist of Setting up company quality management system (QMS) and ensuring fully implementation in an organized and efficient manner. I delegate and assign tasks to QA/QC Supervisor and work closely with engineering, construction, fabrication, and repair departments. I develop inspection and testing plans for new construction project. I manage construction processes; equipment installation processes QMS internal audits.

Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited.
April 2012 - March 2013 (1 year )

I oversee the overall Mechanical Installation, Fabrication, Welding and NDT Inspection and verification within Brown field scope of work of all quality activities on MPN-Platforms (USARI & ITUT-GY).

These activities consist of: Setting & maintaining scope of project quality management system; Monitored day to day Construction activities and ensuring quality compliance with Project Specifications; Implemented Quality Control Procedure Manual Processes for conducting day to day operations, test & inspections of products (Welds); Evaluated Quality & Performance as per MPN Specification; Reviewed associated supplied equipment’s and making sure quality assurance record are documented; Monitoring & inspection of piping (mechanical) installation, Deck platform modification, Hook-up riser installation; Ensure that surveillance inspections are continually carried out on the project recording & documenting any & all deviations from the Project Quality Program (PQP) & Company Integrated Management System (IMS); Developing & implementing risk based inspection activities & processes, identifying & developing remedies on how to rectify inspection gap issues, Monitoring the pressure testing (leak test) & nitrogen purging operation of the piping & process system,  Identification of any quality problems & recommend changes in quality standard where necessary; Witness, Monitor & Interpret Laboratory Test Results of Mechanical Test and Chemical Analysis of a fabricated Access Platform (Test Specimens selection from the Webs of Beams & Channels); Review all NDT report.



N.O.P.L Site QA/QC Engineer / Coordinator
Total Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited
August 2011 - April 2012 (8 months)

As a Site QA/QC Engineer and Coordinator my responsibilities is variable. I support the Quality department by initiating & performing the duties listed below as required, as well as other responsibilities assigned by Project Quality Manager. My responsibilities consist of: Manage & oversee Project Quality to ensure compliance to procedures & CPY specification, Review of Project Quality Procedures at the early stage & analyses current procedures; Plan duties within the QA/QC group to execute QA/QC activities; Review prepare material selection reports and material procedures; Delegate & assign tasks to QC Inspectors & create the enable working & cohesive term; Review fabrication procedures requirements including NDT of the pipe line and components; Ensure that detailed Quality related activities are undertaken on the project & assure that the product offered by the CTR construction term complies with the contractual requirements; Report Project Quality status to the Quality Manager; Monitor and audit the quality activities performed by the Contractor in the area of engineering and construction; Developed and implemented the Internal Compliance Audit Program; Developed and implemented the Quality Management System Training Program for the Project Team; Ensuring that technical solutions exactly match the standards or CPY specification; Verify that all quality problem on service & material have been alleviated & stopping further processing of any work until the quality problem has been corrected; Provide support & advice to the CTR construction personnel in relation to PQP & IMS; Performed CPY line pipes hand over to CTR & delivery from Onne FLT to CTR base & NOPL camp; Monitoring of ROW bush clearance & top soil remover & stringing of pipes; Pre-inspect & review the calibration status of all test equipment being utilized on the project; Monitoring internal audit perform by CTR QA/QC dept. on CTR Engineering dept. Actively participate in pre-construction meetings, participate in pre-inspection meetings and provide technical assistance to support the contract.


QA.QC Depute Manager
Delattre Bezons Nig. Ltd. (DBN).
April 2011 - August 2011 (5 months)

I was employed by Delattre Bezons Nig. (DBN) Ltd. Deputizing for the Project Quality Manager. I oversee the Fabrication, Welding and Inspection of AKPO / USAN Super-Duplex Subsea Production Jumper (UFR) & Jumper Lifting Frames. I assisted the Project Quality Manager in performing day to day quality related activities & in some capacity deputize for the Project Quality Manager when needed; I Developed the Contractor Subsea Production Jumper and Raiser QA QC processes; I ensured that all QA QC processes developed are implemented in accordance with Project’s QMS, PQPs and CPY Quality Plan requirements; Review and comment on all QA QC related documents before been issued for approval. I established Project Organization Chart of the QA/QC Department (Supervision); I Witness, Monitor & Interpret Laboratory Test Results of Laboratory Mechanical Test/Macro Examination and Chemical Analysis of USAN Jumper Fabrication Branch Weld Test Samples; I ensured that the QA QC inspection processes are in accordance with UFR contracts requirements by monitoring and inspecting the various phases of the equipment fabrication and testing. I conduct timely audit on the project to ascertain the levels of Quality performance achieved and create room for performance improvement. I also developed and implement the Internal QMS Compliance Audit Program. I managed the team of multidisciplinary Supervisors and Inspectors; Managed Quality interrelationship with the client, project partners & subcontractors; I Participated in establishment of Quality documentation for the Project’s Procurement and also develop the implementation of all necessary QA QC documents within UFR packages. I Organized and Supervised Inspection activities; Coordinate Non-Conformity issues between Construction and Supervision Team and ensure the NCR issued are close out on timely. I established and maintained Quality Records in conformance with contractual terms; Ensured that all necessary inspections as identified in the approved inspection & Test Plan (ITP) are attended to; Monitor all tests (Gas testing, Load tests, Lift tests, Load-out activities); Review all NDT report, Conduct Positive Material Identification (PMI), Hardness test & Ferrite test; Attend & participate in all requires project meeting and provide weekly and monthly status projects reports.

Quality Site Rep.
Total Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited
March 2010 - April 2011 (1 year 2 months)


I was employed as CPY Quality Site Rep monitoring the construction & fabrication of 12 Carbon Steel Pressure Vessel. Namely (81-DS-291 HP Flare KO Drum, 81-DS-292 LP Flare KO Drum, 81-DS-293 LLP Flare KO Drum, 82-DS-291 HP Flare KO Drum, 81-DS-363 Atmospheric Separation Drum, 82-DS-990 Closed Drain Drum, 82-DS-691 Gas Mixing Drum, 81-DS-876 Nitrogen Buffer Drum, 81-DS-301C LLP 3 Phases Separator, 81-DA-962 New Closed Drain Drum, 81-DS-967 Hot Water Expansion Drum, & 81-DS-305 Oil Test Separator). As CPY Quality Site Rep. my responsibilities is variable. I covered the following activities: Maintain standards of safety & comply with CPY’s Health, Safety & Environment management system requirements. I review and evaluate contractor’s documentations. I monitor vendor’s procurement activities and expediting. I monitor all vendors’ engineering activities and report status. I check sub-order status and delivery schedule of dormanlong purchase orders for vendor procured items. I witness all pressure tests and dimensional control operations. I observed all dormanlong audits (internal and external) as per project agreed project schedule. I review vendor’s material certificates. I monitor all welding and NDT qualifications and operations. I monitor fabrication progress of all items on the order against the approved fabrication schedule. I monitor lifting operations, I certified procedures, load out, pre commissioning etc. I monitor painting and coating activities. I hold regular quality meetings with dormanlong and SCNL quality representatives, ensure minutes are recorded and issued to company. I ensure compliance of vendor to HSE as per approved project HSE and security management system. I attend all meetings as directed by company and any other duties assigned by company from time to time.


Saipem Contracting Nig. Limited.
September 2008 - February 2010 (1 year 5 months)


I worked as QA/QC Supervisor, I mainly follow-up the construction activities and ensure the contract applies by coordinating with all phase of quality activities. I coordinate the inspections and testing activities on the pipeline project. Such activity includes ROW Stringing, Mainline Welding, and Tie-in welding. I liaise with NDT Dept. to execute quality control activity regarding to Repair welding. I monitor Field joint Coating, Holiday testing, Cathodic protection, Lowering and Backfilling.

I issued relevant quality records and when necessary verify conformity of the work to Specified Quality Requirements and ensuring that the inspections and controls are carried out and documented in accordance with the Quality Management System. Attend all project meetings.


QA.QC Lead.
Zakhem Construction Nigeria Limited
March 2006 - August 2008 (2 years 6 months)


I was employed as the company QA/QC Coordinator; Responsible for the onshore pipeline projects coordination. I mainly supervise the pipeline construction activities quality wise as specified by NGC Specification. I prepare quality documents such as quality plan, procedures, work instructions and forms/exhibits. I prepare welding package such as welding procedure specification, procedure qualification records, welders’ qualification test etc. I coordinate documentation activities. Monitoring and ensuring that welding is carried out in the right condition. I ensure that accurate provisions of welding inspection parameters data are documented. I liaise with client representatives on quality issues. I prepare NDT work order sheets as per project specifications. I supervise multidiscipline inspectors & NDT technicians to ensure quality control activities on site are executed in accordance to project requirement and their safety at work. I am also responsible for the management and allocating Company QC Inspectors and specialists to specific tasks during the construction, fabrication, installation and pre-commissioning activities. I ensure all quality control documentation is compiled and completed for as-built hand over through the QC turnover engineer.


QA / QC.
Willbros Nig. Limited.
August 2000 - January 2006 (5 years 6 months)

I was employed as a Quality Control Inspector on her various Onshore, Offshore & Swamps projects, covering broad scope of quality inspection activities as assigned to me. While working with Willbros, I was directly involved in her various projects such as the Construction/fabrication of offshore platform topsides, Deck fabrication, Jacket construction, Riser spool fabrication, Process piping spool fabrication, Hook up arm fabrication, Flare tower fabrication, Riser I-tube & Riser protection supports fabrication, Boat landing fabrication, Flare piping fabrication, Helideck fabrication, Clamps fabrication, Oil & Gas pipeline construction.

My responsibilities include; Follow-up the fabrication activities and ensuring that inspection work are carried out in accordance to clients’ specification requirement and ITPs. I carried out Welding inspection (Visual inspection, Welding procedure & Performance qualification tests & Equipment), Identification of welds for NDT (Non Destructive Testing), Monitor materials inspection (Goods inwards inspection & traceability (Transfer of cast numbers), I carried out Dimensional inspection ranging from tanks to piping & structural steel works. I prepare pre and post-test punch list. I check isometrics against P&ID and liaise with clients. Inspection of hydro test & pneumatic test & involved in test packs preparation.       Painting inspection (Inspection of surface preparation, Wet and dry film thickness measurement, Maintaining compliance to curing time, etc). 


Piping Supervisor.
Universal Malting Company Limited.
March 1998 - July 2000 (2 years 5 months)


I was employed as a Pipe Fitter Supervisor during the construction of Uni-Malt Complex. I was directly responsible, covering the supervision of four (4) Pipe spools fabrication shops and one Pipe Support fabrication shop. My job responsibilities includes but is not limited to; Monitoring the transfer of Pipe Heat Numbers, Supervising the fabrication of pipe spools & making sure it’s in line with revised & approved isometric drawing, Monitor the piping fit-up process. I ensure that fittings are well protected & monitor fitting material traceability. I help the fitters in interpreting difficult piping and engineering related isometric drawing during fit-ups activities. I carried out pipes line up check before commencement of welding to ensure all fitting activities comply with construction drawing. I attend weekly construction meetings.


Pipe Fabricator.
Slot Engineering Nig. Limited.
January 1997 - February 1998 (1 year 1 month)


I started up my professional career working with the company as a Pipe Fitter Trainee for Three (3) months and was later promoted to Pipe Fitter Two (2). While working as a Pipe Fitter, I was directly and actively involves on the company various projects; such as the construction/fabrication of storage tanks, Running of divers diameter of Oil & Gas pipeline from SPDC Well locations to gathering Manifold, Construction of Sphere at the Eleme Petrochemical Complex for, Turn around maintenance at SPDC Flow stations, Installation of SPDC Smokeless flare build by Boskel Nig. Ltd. E.t.c.

I acquired a lot of welding and fabrication related skills during my stay with the company. I assist in sheet metal rolling for Tank construction; assist in mechanized bending of sheet and thick metals to achieve corrugated profile. Assist in structural and process piping; weld joint preparation & assembly; Mechanical & structural fitting & fabrication. Assist in the calculation of piping spool length, isometric drawing interpretation, calculation of various piping elevation & angle of degree roll. I also assist in weld joint inspection.