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Regional technical officer
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2003
Federal Polytechnic Mubi, Adamawa State
From 0 to 1999
Federal Polytechnic Mubi, Adamawa State
From 0 to 1994
St Peter’s Seminary, Yola
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December 2011 - Present Day (5 years 8 months)

1. To monitor and maintain ETISALAT Telecom Base Station Systems.

2. To ensure optimal performance of the telecom radio network so as to

achieve high network availability and uptime.

3. Responding to Alarms generated by the Operations and Maintenance

Centre – Radio (OMC-R).

4. Provide technical support during field operations to ensure accurate

and speedy resolution of any equipment failure that impedes network


5. Caring out monthly Preventive Maintenance on ETISALAT BTS to minimize

the incidence of equipment failure.

6. Clearing of VSWR using ECT and site master.

7. Clearing of Fault/alarms on the radio; AWY 9400, MPR 9500, MXC 9500.

8. Site environmental cleanup and backhauling materials to alcatel warehouse

9. Performing link alignment using craft terminal and alignment kit.

10. Commissioning and maintaining of ETISALAT BTS.

11. To carry out any office work or duties that may be delegated to me.

EGYPRO (BLUECHILD LIMITED 50 Murio kunola street, VI Lagos)
July 2010 - November 2011 (1 year 5 months)
  • Perform routine O&M procedures as prescribed for Power, Transmission and BTS Radio networks.
  • React to emergency faults and ensure all faults are rectified promptly within contracted SLA.
  • Resolution of repetitive faults affecting BTS radio network
  • Ensure provision of power (requisite quality) to all sites within purview 24 hours a day
  • Implement cross connect equipment in a designated area of the Etisalat Network
  • Compile information and report on the availability of the transmission network in light of the Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • swiftly diagnose and clear any faults or alarms assigned by trouble ticket, or ensure escalation within time period stipulated in SLAs to correct parties if unable to fix. To close or forward all trouble tickets promptly.
  • Implement approved software changes as directed with change requests.
  • Ensure maintenance work undertaken by contractors meets Etisalat Nigeria’s specification.
  • Maintain a comprehensive set of records of all transmission links, BTS sites, power equipment and spares for all sites within designated area.
  • Ensure all security and network Integrity documentation is completed and adhered to.
  • Liaise with diesel contractors to ensure on-scheduled supply of diesel to sites within purview
RF Field Engineer
Yellow Stripe Technologies, 12 Ola ayeni st Ikeja
April 2004 - December 2007 (3 years 9 months)

1 Technical Site Survey. Transmission Path Survey and Path Analysis.

2 Installation and configuration of Harris truepoint 5000, Harris truepoint 4000,

3 Erricsson minilink, Alcatel lucent Awy9400, 9500mxc and mpr 9500, BTS with Microwave Radio Installations PDH, SDH, using handheld terminal/laptop.

4 Configuration/ BTS Coaxial line Sweep tests using Anritsu S331D Site Master

5 Knowledge in Microwave Transmission, Configuration and Trouble Shooting of Microwave Equipment.

6 Identification of Antenna (Panel and Parabolic) Mounting Position on the Mast / Tower of Various Heights for GSM System Using Compass

7 Installation of RF Cables and Jumpers.

8 Grounding/Earthing of RF Cables where Appropriate Cables Grounding Standard Using Andrew RF Cables Grounding Kit.

9 Termination of RF Cable Connectors.

10 Installation of Andrew Cables Surge Protector on RF Cables for BST/BSC.

11 Developing of Project Proposal.

Field Services Engineer (Supervisor)
Private Networks Nigeria Limited NO 1 orameji Stret, Illupeju Oshodi Lagos
January 2000 - June 2010 (10 years 6 months)
  • Management of three clusters in my region (26 mtn sites for each cluster) – adamawa state.
  • Work with the mtn noc to raise a site in area where the site is down on transmission.
  • Ensure the provision of power to the 30 sites within purview 24 hours a day
  • React swiftly to emergency call outs by the noc
  • Perform routine maintenance procedure as prescribed for power by mtn
  • Ensure that gen 2 synchronizes with gen 1 in all the sites under my care.
  • Ensure the safety of personnel and equipment within my care.
  • Ensure the availability of diesel on site at all time.
  • Ensure the swift diagnosing and clearing of faults or alarms on any escalated site.
  • Liaising with Lagos mtn noc to clear fault and raise site particularly on site with satellite link.
  • Installation of ats (automatic transfer system) panel
  • Troubleshooting of ats
  • Installation of generator set.
  • Trouble shooting and repair of rectifier. (mtn project)
  • Preparation and submission of weekly and monthly report to the management.
  • Monitoring of fuelling supply.
  • Maintenance of generators.
  • Co-ordinate and supervise all the ongoing works, in collaboration with the contractors and the in-house stakeholders.