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Safety analyst 350 000
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


From 0 to 2012
From 0 to 2007
Federal Univerity of Technology Owerri
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October 2009 - Present Day (7 years 9 months)

Responsibilities/ Experience

Increased awareness about MSF, the Sexual Abuse project and Trauma project from the existing awareness level of less than 20% to over 85% level within Rivers State by implementing other awareness strategies such as doing lectures with different target groups such as schools, markets, bus parks, churches, mosques, business groups, brothels, professional bodies etc and by the use of radio jingles.

Devised strategy that drastically improved the number of Sexual abuse victims that were identified and came to the hospital within 72hrs for medical treatment and psychological support.

Perform and support indoor awareness education at the entrance gate to the patients relatives, in-patients and OPD Patients.

Represent the image of the Organisation in various meetings as designated by the management within Niger Delta to build and maintain positive public relationship.

To provide Logistic and Organizational support during blood drive projects and other activities.

Assists in planning and execution of the Mission Objectives

To sensitize fellow staffs on the Projects objectives and how to relate effectively with their patients.

To sensitize different adult groups on the prevalence of sexual Abuse and the need for immediate care for victims.

To identify Chronic cases and search for patients or relatives where neccessary.

Coordinate periodic inspections within the work environment and MSF’s ware house.

Liaise with employee representatives/service providers regarding the management of Occupational Health and Safety issues.

Ensure a proper organizational structure is in place to manage health, safety and environment issues

Implement appropriate health, safety and environment management systems.

Conduct hazard identification and risk assessment regarding health, safety and environmental impact before commencement of a project or any program of work.

Ensure that all incidents leading to an injury, an occupational disease or damage to property/ or the environment, are investigated thoroughly in order to determine root causes and to implement corrective action promptly.

Establish and maintain appropriate controls, including periodic audits and reviews, to ensure HSE policy is being adhered to and complied with throughout the MSF Project.

Maintain a high level of emergency preparedness to handle any emergency/ incident/accident situations.

Ensure that all physical safety equipment are functioning effectively i.e. fire alarm systems and extinguishers, first aid boxes, etc and the mass casualty plan is understood by those involved.

Carry out regular training on fire fighting, use of PPE and First Aid treatment to medical and non-medical staff.

Conduct fire drill and coordinate activities of all Safety wardens.

Implementing/overseeing programs to ensure that governmental regulatory obligations are fulfilled in a cost-effective manner and environmental risks are effectively managed.

Monitoring and making observations for unsafe work behavior and making the necessary follow-up to correct the behavior

To carry ouy PPE assessment regularly.

Other Responsibilities

Acts as a member of the technical team in the event of a fire or other emergency; participates in meetings and drills as a member of an emergency team.

Maintains updated knowledge of electronic systems and of safety requirements and regulations concerning the use and maintenance of electronic equipment.

Performs all other duties and special projects as requested by management.

To ensure safe work procedures are strictly follwed.

Aug.2008 to Jul.2009(N.Y.S.C) Community Secondary School Alode,

Mathematics Department,

Eleme, Rivers State.


To teach Mathematics

Assists in planning and Organisating of social activities in the School

To ensure the students keep their environment clean.

Organised the Riv Green Environmental Club activities.

To educate the the students on how to protect their enviroment