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Safety engineer 300 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2007
rivers state university of science and technology,port harcourt
From 0 to 2012
occupational safety and healthy adminstration (osha)usa
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safety supervisor
d and r nigeria limited
August 2007 - Present Day (10 years 1 month)

maintaining and protecting both employee and public health and safety in the work place

hazard identification and control,risk assessment ,training of new employee,accident /incident and injuries reporting and documentation, giving detailed information to assist in selecting the proper personal protective equipment( PPE)AND TRAINING.Maintain safe and healthful workplaces: Keeping workplaces free from hazards is one of the most critical aspects of a comprehensive safety program. To ensure their employees are adequately protected from hazards, supervisors must:

Monitor their workplaces frequently to identify unsafe or unhealthful conditions

Take prompt action to correct hazardous conditions

If a serious hazard is detected take immediate interim action to safeguard employees

Encourage employees to report unsafe or unhealthful conditions

Seek suggestions from employees for improvement of workplace conditions

Investigate workplace accidents:

Investigate workplace mishaps and take prompt corrective action necessary to ensure the safety and health of employees

Institute actions to prevent recurrence of accidents

Ensure employees are adequately trained to perform the work safely:

Prior to permitting employees to work with machine tools, chemicals, powered machinery, electrical systems, lasers and other such equipment, or enter confined spaces, operate forklifts, work in elevated locations or perform similar hazardous work, they must receive specialized training. Contact the Safety Office to obtain the requirements for such training

Inform employees of the hazards associated with the work they are to perform prior to beginning the work

Inform employees of the requirements to use any personal protective equipment, such as respirators, safety glasses, fall protection, head or foot protection, etc.

Inform employees of the procedures to follow in the event of an emergency

Inform employees of any unique hazards in the workplace and how to identify them

Inform employees of how to report unsafe or unhealthful conditions

Inform employees of actions to take in the event of a work-related injury

Maintain records of safety training provided, such as lesson plans, rosters, list of audio-visual and other materials used

Ensure that employees perform work in a safe manner:

Monitor employee behavior to ensure that work is being performed safely

Take prompt action to correct any unsafe or unhealthful actions or behavour