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Safety officer 250 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2009
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May 2012 - Present Day (5 years 2 months)

Role: SITE SSHE LEAD May 2012 – Till date

Mobil Court Refurbishment Project

Client: ExxonMobil/Global Real Estate Facilities (GREF)

  • Serving as the company’s focal point as regard any and every health, safety, security and environment related matters on a multimillion dollar project.
  • Employed as a Safety Officer and promoted to the post of a SITE SSHE LEAD within 2 months of employment amidst 7 years and 5 years experienced safety officers of the company.
  • In charge of computing weekly QSHE statistics and Key Performance Indicator.
  • In charge of firefighting equipment servicing and inspection as well as logging.
  • Overseeing of banksmen and security operatives operations.
  • In charge of tackling of company’s issues log.
  • Inherited an Issue’s Log with about 22 action items and brought the action items down to within the range of 5 to 7 within 2 months, and have been keeping it that way till date.
  • In charge of updating and keeping an eye on the company’s risk register
  • Originated and maintained a chemical register as well as an equipment and tools log
  • Ensuring of zero tolerance to safety violations on site, as well taking of final disciplinary actions on violations related to health, safety and security.
  • Coordination of all internal and external trainings.
  • Company’s representative on weekly based ExxonMobil client/contractor Project Management Team’s project update meetings.
  • Method statement producer on various operations like demolition works and Hoist Operations.
  • In charge of waste management tracking
  • MSDS reviewer and risk assessment producer.
  • Loss Prevention System Observer and Reviewer.
  • Emergency response coordinator, First Aider and Fire Fighter.
  • My site had the overall best performance amidst about 200 GREF/EXXONMOBIL site globally during the September 2012 Operations and Integrity Management Systems, OIMS, assessment. A project that is over 300,000 Manhours , LTI free, RWI free, MTI free and still counting.
  • My site won the ExxonMobil Global Real Estate 2012 Gold Contractor Safety Excellence Award.
Safety Representative
TATA Nigeria Limited, Mobil ,BRT
December 2011 - May 2012 (6 months)
  • Serving as the company’s focal point for coordinating all HSE matters
  • Oversee HSE activities of the company’s sub-contractors, as well as HSE competencies and requirements for all staff, and advise line staff accordingly.
  • Provide advisory support to other departments towards ensuring statutory compliance and enhancing HSE performance.
  • Supervised Wellhead Jacket deck extension, slot addition , production and test Manifold tying, and newly installed Gaslift tying, UBIT GC.(Nigeria Projects Organization/Project Masters Nigeria Limited)
  • Maintenance operations/ Sump tank retrofit installation at Ubit EB, Ubit H and Ubit GG ,all Mobil Producing Nigeria external platforms.(AZIMARINE)
  • Played the role of Safety Officer/ Firewatch/ Authorized Gas Tester during a 36 inch Mobil/Agip/NLNG gas pipeline hottapping. A project that involved bush clearing, diking, sheet piling, excavation (manual & mechanical), dewatering, several critical lifting operations, decoating, rigging of the split tee to the existing pipeline, welding and hottaping. A 70,000,000 US dollar project.
  • Efficiently manage the department’s budget for safety ,firefighting and personal protective equipment
  • Liaise with regulatory agencies to interpret existing statutory regulations and advise company on the potential impact on ongoing operations
  • Played the role of a Safety Officer/ Firewatch/ Authorized Gas Tester during a 3 inch Mobil gas pipeline hottapping.
  • Ensuring workers’ compliance with ExxonMobil Safety Standards
  • Preparing e-PTW
  • Preparing JSAs & giving toolbox talk before each job commences• Preparing daily safety reports
Support Engineer/ Safety Engineer
June 2010 - December 2011 (1 year 7 months)
  • Task Leader for the Installation of Sump tank retrofit for stick biocide accessibility at Edop QC Mobil Offshore Platform .Also participated in the design interpretation and fabrication.
  • Surveying of Sump Tank / skin Pile for the construction of an attachment to allow the infusion of stick biocide at Enang JC Mobil Offshore Platform.
  • Participated in Oil Field Maintenance & Engineering Services (onshore & offshore).
  • Carried out Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI).
  • Supervision or carrying out of welding & fabrication of mechanical structures depending on complexity.
  • Participated in design interpretation and fabrication of 28 Security Towers for Exxon Mobil.
  • Organizing of Toolbox Meeting & Job Safety Analysis.
  • Acting in the capacity of a Safety Officer at AZIMARINE fabrication yard.
  • Participated in Technical and financial bidding of contracts for maintenance & repair services at EDOP & ASARI QIT Terminals.
  • Participated in design interpretation and fabrication of Flowline Spools for ETIM 15BS.
  • Participated in Hydro-Pressure testing for Flowline.
  • Monitoring of fabrication project and direct reporting to client and supervisor on daily basis
Support Operations Engineer (Intern)
June 2008 - June 2008 (1 month)
  • Worked as part of a team that was responsible for the troubleshooting, maintenance and overhauling of Turbines.
  • Responsible for Meter monitoring and control room operations.
  • Carried out Turbine routine maintenance inspection
  • Participated in Instrumentation operations.