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Sales Manager 120 000
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


From 0 to 2006


February 2011 - Present Day (6 years 6 months)

1) Conflict and Debt Resolution

Have resolved conflict cases between distributor and the company and cases between the company and staff to bring harmony and a good working environment.

2) Staff Management:

Havecoordinated and managed a total of 5 staffs in capacity building, report making, writing presentations and training farmers and retailers for the organization. This has contributed to the overall organizational development of the company and supported the training of more farmers and retailer in the country leading to increased sales of about 5%.

3) Representation:

Have been responsible for representing the company in both private and public meeting and with Agricultural Development Programme in the Zone, Ministries Of agricultures in the Zone, NGO like Food For All International River State, T4m International Bayelsa State… thereby bringing business to the company through government tenders.

4) Capacity Building:

Responsible for the training of over 10,000 farmers and distributors within the hinterlands of Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo, Abia and Anambra state on safe use of farm chemicals, business planning and marketing activities to enhance their life style the Southern part of the country. This created a push to pull strategy that led into grass root sales for the company.

5) Market penetration Creation of an additional 8 clients for SwissBiostadt Ltd. Agribusiness Partners for further expansion of the Agrochemical market. This lead to product accessibility within the hinterlands to move the market share from 15% to 18%

6) Community service:

Educating rural farm women and Men on the best practices of the use of agrochemicals and possible best practices. Also working with an NGO (Food For All International Ph, River State to teach and train farmers).

7) Product launch

Have being able to launch into the market Solito 320 EC( a rice selective herbicides in Omor, Anambra State, Ikwo, Izzi, Igboko, Amasiri L.G.As in Ebonyi State, which still ongoing. The result is sharp increase in sales by 5%.

8) Weed Control

This project is in collaboration with ADP Abia, Fadama Ebonyi and ongoing. This will lead to the formation of at least 200 weed control teams in the South. The project is aimed at enhancing the level of weed control farmers, train young members on how to increase their finances from weed control. The end result will be a resultant increase in sales, better life for rural farmers, and financial upliftment of the weed control team.