Job in Savannah Energy Services Limited (SESL)

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About Company
SESL is an energy services provider corp. Our primary offerings include conventional drilling, Hybrid drilling, well servicing and comprehensive oilfield services such as oilfield equipment rentals that meet the needs of our diverse oil and gas customer base. SESL is uniquely positioned in the energy services industry, incorporating Aboriginal partnerships and community involvement with leading technology that includes PLC-controlled service rigs and patented hybrid drilling rigs. With a fleet of 100+ drilling rigs, and 100+ well service rigs, SESL has expanded into major Global markets due to customer demand, and anticipates further drilling services expansion. Growth has primarily occurred organically with the vast majority of the equipment being manufactured post 2001. At SESL strives to maintain long-term contracts on several of our rigs and has seen utilization rates north of the industry's average through good times and bad. The Company has a peak base of hourly or day-work employees, providing significant scalability with respect to activity levels. Focused on maintaining industry leadership in performance and safety, SESL also brings value to oil and gas customers through partnerships with numerous Aboriginal communities in eastern World. These communities have ownership positions in both drilling and service rigs in partnership with SESL, as well as associated employment and training opportunities. With a very strong balance sheet, SESL is also well positioned to accelerate growth within drilling, well servicing and oilfield equipment rentals, as well as expand into ancillary services, through acquisitions. Looking to the future, we anticipate strong growth throughout all facets of our drilling and oilfield services.