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Security Manager 12 000 000
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


From 0 to 2004
From 0 to 2007
nigerian institute of industrial security
From 0 to 2009
national institute of martketing of nigeria
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security manager
hi - tech securities ltd
December 2012 - March 1997 (15 years 8 months)

administrative,field operation and liaise with clients on beat and location management.

administration- manage guides on the various operational location( duty schedule, beat management skills,clear understanding of job ,description and specific beat duties and requirement,monitoring their actives seeing that they compile with the ethical standards and conducts of a well trained security operative in areas of documentation ,reporting other security operational protocols and procedures- access control,checks,patrol,surveillance,investigation and others.

operational functions- drawing out a security planning , haven conducted an appropriate security audit of the operational location.determining the extent of risk exposure and their vulnerability. man power requirements , operational tools needed to facilitate operational efficiency. monitoring and supervision manpower,appropriate documentation and effective reporting to management. carry out instructions and effectively implementing directives of the management. advise in matters relating to security. appraisal of the security performance(strategies,operations ...) with a view to identifying areas of lapses, achievement and compliance with industrial security best practices. period review of security operational perfomance based on findings from appraisal conducted.coordination of security activities and matter relating to securities both within and outside the location-identifying possible treat factor that could constitute treat to location security among others

liaison- coordination matters relating to security the net work as it relates to the security management of the locations, organisation management, security management team- the personnel involved and the outsiders.