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Senior inspection engineer
Job Type: Full-Time


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senior inspection engineer
October 2006 - Present Day (10 years 10 months)
  • Plant Shutdown inspection
  • Preparation of job lists for static equipment
  • Plan for requisite NDT’s and contract line-up for the same.
  • Co-ordinate with Mechanical maintenance planning, Process and Production group for specific activities micro-planning.
  • Provide support to Procurement group in material procurement by preparation of Scope of Inspection, Material Specification and Quality Assurance Plan (QAP). Inspection of incoming material, material certificate review and in-process material inspection / tests witness at vendor shop.
  • Internal / external inspection of all static equipment during shutdown, as per planned job-list, recommendations for repair / alteration / rerating of equipments as per inspection observations. Review of NDT results, witness of hydro / pneumatic tests after repairs. Heat exchanger testing, coating and assuring quality in repair jobs through stage wise inspection.
  • Appraisal to top management on daily basis regarding job progress, bottle-necks, if any and future plan.
  • Maintenance of inspection log-books during shutdown for noting all preliminary inspection observations, filling of checklists.
  • Preparation of shutdown report after completion of shutdown, along with future recommendations, material requirements, scope of inspections and QAP.
  • Updation of shutdown observations, repair details etc in equipment passports.
  • On-stream inspection
  • Daily monitoring of plant equipment as per monitoring report format.
  • Daily site meeting with Production and Maintenance personnel for micro planning, plant reliability improvement strategy etc.
  • Ensuring reliability of equipment by monitoring process parameters like temperature excursions in tubular heaters due to flame impingements, pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen content in boiler feed water, corrosion inhibitor dosing, chloride, iron content in boot water of process units etc.
  • Use of thermography (Agema 550 by Flir) for temperature monitoring of heater tubes, cold wall equipment like combustion chambers, thermal incinerators, insulated piping etc and generation of reports along with recommendations.
  • Process condition monitoring through DCS data.
  • Static equipment trouble shooting, health assessment and inspection frequency determination.
  • Failure cause analysis in case of static equipment failure.
  • Predict probable equipment failure through process parameter and physical condition monitoring.
  • Failure analysis report generation along with recommendations.
  • Determining inspection frequency alteration, if required based on findings.
  • Maintenance of all inspection related documentation of both permanent and progressive records.
  • Industry standard codes conversant * Failure Analysis & reporting
  • Painting specification preparation * Condition monitoring in Power plants
  • Welding inspection * Root & Cause Analysis

* QA during construction (piping)