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Senior officer (esmpin health communication coordinator) 300 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2008
Usman Danfodio University Sokoto
From 0 to 2013
international university bamenda
From 0 to 2004
No added languages


Behaviour change communication and community mobilization officer
March 2012 - Present Day (5 years 4 months)


Work with the Behavior Change Communication Advisor (BCCA) to coordinate the development of BCC/IEC/media materials for the state program and also work closely with the local Implementing Agencies (IAs) to design and deliver communications interventions for behavior change to target groups across the state.

Disseminate IEC messages to improve mothers' awareness of the risk of malaria during pregnancy and promote the use of IPTp during various phases of pregnancy.

Foster individual and community mobilization through both proven and innovative implementation of key campaign messages, including proper and consistent LLIN use and maintenance; comprehension and use of ACTs; and increased use of ANC services.

Conduct IEC/BCC activities at the health facility and community level as appropriate to ensure maximum local impact and education.

Work as lead or co-trainer at BCC-related workshops at state level.

Review and comment on print and electronic media materials including scripts, posters, leaflets, video/audio recordings.

Monitor and supervise the production of print and electronic media materials with all MAPS partners at the state level.

Work with the State Coordinator/ BCCA to coordinate appropriate BCC TA for the state program activities, NGOs and other state level allies.

Contribute to work plans, sub agreements, budgets, pipelines, technical reports, and deliverables.

Work with the BCCA, State Coordinator and other technical and program staff to conduct BCC needs assessment and assist with designing, pretesting and finalizing drafts of BCC materials.

Work with the BCCA, State Coordinator to identify consultants, process consultant contract letters and develop their SOW for BCC activities.

Collaborate closely with the M&E staff to ensure the documentation of BCC effects on target audiences as well as key lessons from project activities.

Develop and submit monthly report of MAPS’ BCC activities in the state.


Implement behavior change strategies and plans on malaria prevention and intervention in Zamfara state.

In collaboration with the National Primary Development Health care agency (NPDHCA) identified and strengthen community structures like the Ward Development Committee on conducting community dialogues, IPCs and dramas in various communities of Zamfara state.

Conduct community dialogues with various WDCs/VDCs on malaria intervention in liaison with the state malaria control program.

Carry out advocacy visits to various policy makers on procurement of various malaria commodities

Sensitization of religious and traditional leaders on mainstreaming malaria messages in the state.

In collaboration with RBM office successfully established an ACSM core group in the state and adapted the national ASCM strategy to state.

Carry out targeted interpersonal communication activities guided by the BCC communication strategy.

Carry out the role of Public Relations at community level to create a positive image of the organization and expand its networks.

Conducted media appearances on malaria prevention and interventions

VSO/British council
February 2010 - September 2010 (8 months)

Volunteer with VSO/British Council in Kaduna/Brighton on HIV/AIDS: Prevention and Cure

  • Conducted focused community and sensitisation campaigns in liaison state and LGA ministry of health on HIV/AIDs prevention and cure in various LGAs of Kaduna state and Brighton.
  • Carry out targeted interpersonal communication activities with OVCs and HIV positive individuals.
  • Carry out the role of Public Relations at community level to create a positive image of the organization and expand its networks.
  • Counselling and testing of HIV/AIDs
  • Supervision of mentally disabled and teaching with disability (deaf)
behaviour change communication offficer on malaria
Centre for community excellence
July 2009 - October 2011 (2 years 4 months)
  • Facilitated and carried out trainings for community volunteers on TB
  • Implement STBLs behaviour change communication strategy and plans for Community Tuberculosis Care in Zamfara
  • Conduct focused community information and sensitisation campaigns in liaison with CBO’s, NGOs Local Councils and community leaders during the last LLIN MAPS supported distribution campaigns
  • In liaison with Community leaders and the state program officer PRRINN-MNCH, identify and recruit community health workers to work with in community mobilisation for routine childhood immunization.
  • Conduct trainings for voucher community distributors and community health workers in areas of IEC/BCC, and reproductive health including family planning and advocacy for SFH/ARFH.
  • Identify community information and training needs regarding FP/SRH and implement appropriate response.
  • Network with other CBOs, NGOs and stakeholders regarding implementation of FP/SRH IEC/BCC activities.
  • Work closely with the village health teams to ensure proper and effective dissemination of information about LLIN/FP/SRH to the communities through mass media and interpersonal communication channels.
  • Analyze and assess community situations in terms of IEC/BCC, collect vital population information that will be utilized in PRRINN-MNCH programming and recommended more efficient and effective implementation plans.
  • Conduct concept and pre-testing of all communication materials before they are produced to ensure that they are relevant and clear to the targeted audiences.
  • Work with Research Monitoring and Evaluation team to conduct baseline surveys, mid-term and impact assessments of all communication campaigns implemented by SFH to measure impact.
  • Carry out targeted interpersonal communication activities guided by the BCC communication strategy.
  • Carry out the role of Public Relations at community level to create a positive image of the organization and expand its networks.
  • Support CHWs in education and voucher distribution activities to ensure correct and consistent dissemination of information, and right targeting of vouchers.
  • Supervise CHWs to ensure the integrity of demand generation activities according to SFH BCC and distribution plans.
geolgraphy teacher
Supreme international college
February 2009 - February 2010 (1 year 1 month)
  • Demonstration school of the deaf Kaduna 2010
  • Supreme international college- ss1-ss3 geography 2009-2010
  • Sarkin Kudu primary and secondary school Gusau 2005-2006