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Solution manager 250 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2009
Lead City Univerysity, Ibadan
From 0 to 2007
Villanova University, USA
From 0 to 2005
Villanova University, USA
No added languages


Solution Manager Executive
Enterprise Corporate Services
July 2012 - Present Day (5 years 1 month)

1.Develops an annual sales plan in support of organizational strategy and objectives.

2.Directs implementation and execution of sales policies and practices.

3.Ensure sales plans/objectives meet organizational expenditure requirements in conjunction with.

4.Drive sales strategies for improvement based on market research and competitor analyses and manage multiple channel selling strategies.

5.Build, develop and manage sales team capable of carrying out needed sales and service initiatives.

6.Responsible for identifying new business opportunities for by maintaining constant communication with existing and new customers.

7.Build strategic relationships with specific user groups/stakeholders within organizations (Procurement/ IS departments).

8.Responsible for the efficient responsiveness to customers’ needs and follow through on all aspects of request, both written and verbal.

9.Perform the lead role in preparing written proposal in response to customer’s RFPs, and coordinate all information from the different disciplines and arrange the formal response

10.Establish and maintain good working relationships with the Business Unit Managers, to enable collaboration when responding to a Request For Proposal (RFPs)

11.Provide strategic insight on market conditions, pricing and current competition to the design team when responding to RFQs.

12.Track and report on the status of all proposal components.

13.Make presentations to various groups within the customer’s organization when needed.

14.Develop and maintain profitable relationships with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

15.Drive participation and attendance of workshops/seminars both educational and customer oriented.

IS Technical Manager
Contact Solutions Limited
November 2011 - July 2012 (9 months)

1.Responsible for data connectivity management; Network Design, Deployment & Management; Backend Contact Center Technology Infrastructure, Frontendoperations process design & management; and corporate management.

2.Keeps immediate supervisor well-informed of activities, results of efforts and problems identified/potential problems; recommends corrective actions to immediate supervisor.

3.Respects confidentiality in discussing participant/consumer, staff, volunteers and organizational matters.

4.Maintains confidentiality of organization fiscal and personnel related information.

5.Identify, become thoroughly knowledgeable and comply with the terms and conditions of projects and/or contracts, to include the federal, state, local, organizational and project specific allowable cost requirements as evidenced by having no major findings on monitoring reports or annual audits.

6.Assist in the development of organizational, system and technology goals; assist in the development of detailed plans for goal accomplishment.

7.Analyses information and technology needs from a strategic and operational perspective; determines requirements and resources; makes recommendations.

8.Conducts system analysis and design. Translates requirements into system designs and applications. Prepares functional specifications.

9.Prepares, accurately completes and timely submits all reports, documentation, proposals, budget revisions, expenditure reviews and other relevant information as evidenced by submission of data into the requirements Log.

10.Maintains centralized documentation of all network and system changes.

11.Responsible for monthly risk management reporting for systems and technology to include, but not limited to, assessing risks, recommending new procedures and policies to reduce risks as evidenced by the submission of the monthly risk management report.

12.Remedies technology issues/problems.

13.Ensures licenses, registrations, renewals, survey forms, etc. related to systems and technology operations and/or services are accurate and timely completed.

14. Ensures computer networks and workstations are operational and secure.

15.Ensures all servers and PBX are operated in accordance with vendor specifications.

16.Ensures the availability, continuity and security of data and information.

17.Ensures the organization's websites and intranet remain functional, updated and continuously improved.

18.Utilizes technology to achieve organizational goals.

19.Manages the internal system and technology training.

20.Maximizes the utilization of the organization's technology center.

21.Manages technology to include, workstations, servers, software, peripheral devices, phone systems, copiers, electronic door locks, etc.

22.Prepares, maintains and tests organizational technology plan, including disaster recovery plans and procedures.

23.Manages or assists with external technology projects.

24.Stays abreast of trends and innovations in the field of information systems/technology that could benefit the organization; documents findings/rationale and recommendations to supervisors.

25.Develops and manages system and technology budget and monitors and approves related expenditures.

Network and Product Development Engineer
Contact Solutions Limited
March 2011 - October 2012 (1 year 8 months)

1.Installing, Configuring, Administering and Maintaining of PBX Machine

2.Install, configure, and maintain network services, equipment and devices.

3.Performs complex troubleshooting, backup, archiving, and disaster recovery.

4.Assists in the design, implementation and maintenance of systems, programs, hardware andsoftware.

5.Supports administration of servers and server clusters.

6.Manages all system back-up and restore protocol.

7.Plan and support network and computing infrastructure.

8.Perform troubleshooting analysis of servers, workstations and associated systems.

9.Monitors system performance and implements performance tuning.

10.Manage user accounts, permissions, email, and anti-virus, anti-spam.

11.Oversee software and network security.

12.Monitors inventory management of software licenses, software, hardware, and other IT supplies.

13.Recommends the purchase of software, hardware and other IT supplies.

14.Provide and maintain the Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN)

15.Research, design and write new software programs;

16.Test new programs and fault finding

17.Develop existing programs by analysing and identifying areas for modification;

18.Investigate new technologies and creating technical specifications and test plans

19.Work with computer coding languages

20.Maintain systems by monitoring and correcting software defects

21.Configuration, installation and integration of WLANS

22.IP Address managed to avoid conflict on the network

23.Understanding of public addressing, subnetting and managing of public blocks of IPs from ISP.

24.Troubleshooting, identifying and resolving of local area network challenges. 25.Day to day internet bandwidth test and monitoring and data usage across LAN.

26.Configuration and integration of network devices.

27.Ensuring daily network connectivity on core application servers, PABX, and DTE equipment’s

28.Updating of ports on the distribution switch for ease of documentation and troubleshooting.

Software Developer & Networking Engineer
Crossworld Software Company
September 2005 - October 2009 (4 years 2 months)

1.Web Application Database Development

2.Designing, coding and debugging applications in various software languages.

3.Front end graphical user interface design

4.Software testing and quality assurance

5.Performance tuning, improvement, balancing, usability, automation.

6.Support, maintain and document software functionality

7.Integrate software with existing systems

8.Implement localization or globalization of software

9.Install all new hardware, systems, and software for networks.

10.Install, configure, and maintain network services, equipment and devices.

11.Supports administration of servers and server clusters.

12.Manages all system back-up and restore protocol.

13.Plan and support network and computing infrastructure.

14.Perform troubleshooting analysis of servers, workstations and associated systems.

15.Documents network problems and resolution for future reference.

16.Monitors system performance and implements performance tuning.

17.Oversee software and network security.

Software Developer
September 2004 - August 2005 (1 year 1 month)

1.Developing of Web Database Application

2.Maintaining of Company’s Website and IT facilities

3.Consultant Service

4.Designing of Website Pages