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State team leader 275 000
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


From 0 to 2013
National Open University of Nigeria
From 0 to 2004
Usmanu danfodiyo University Sokoto


eHealth Manager
UNOPS-Millennium Villages Project
November 2011 - Present Day (5 years 8 months)

E-Health/ICT Manager at UNOPS Nigeria seconded to Pampaida Millennium Villages Research Project from 2011 to Present.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Supporting Project Team leader and Sector Coordinators during annual work plan and budget preparation
  • Prepare Work Plan, Budget and implementation of E-Health/ICT budget by coordinating various activities in the work plan to ensure proper utilization of resources to strengthen the healthcare system of the cluster
  • Establish, update, and monitor the implementation of E-Health’s short, medium and long term strategic plans, with its objective positioning as a reliable data centre for Nigerian Project site
  • Working with Agric & business development sector in writing partnership proposals
  • Facilitate the procurement of Computers, Internet service, and Data Bundle subscription from Airtel for the implementation of Telemedicine / CommCare. Also serve as Project Focal person with Airtel, Kaduna State ministry of Health, PRRINN-MNCH, UNICEF,USAID, NPHCDA, and Federal Ministry of Health in relation to E-Health and MHealth
  • Managing ICT for Development Program by coordinating the operations of Community ICT/Business Centre to ensure that Community members are utilizing the resources invested at the Centers by organizing ICT training for youth and other business transactions
  • Facilitate the registration of 80% of the 82 community household and provided ID cards with unique identification for each household which make it easier for Health, Agaric & business Development, Education, Infrastructure and Gender and Community Development sector in channeling project scares recourses to the target population and formation of business cooperative for fertilizer distribution, dispensing of drugs as well as linking cooperatives with Community/Agricultural banks for Agaric Loans.
  • Facilitate the introduction of E-Agriculture, working with rural famers and Community Agric extension workers using sms platform to educate farmers on best practices in order to have a positive impact on rural lively hoods and Coordinator in forming Cooperative unions as well as building the capacity of Community cooperatives on various Business plans.
  • Working with Airtel Nigeria/New York E-Health Team on the server setup and maintenance and to resolve all connectivity challenges
  • Facilitated the procurement of solar and installation at all clinics for the implementation of Open Medical Records.
  • Supporting Education Connect to learn program for the Community Secondary School students.
  • Creating Project performance work plan to enable measurement of various indicators and attending DQA and Data utilization meeting with the New York and MDG Centre Team
  • Provide on-site support to ascertain the status of Project achievements and assist in preparation of weekly, Quarterly and Annual report that highlights achievements and project milestones.
  • Provide supportive supervision and close monitoring of Community Health Workers to ensure
  • Conducting DQA and Data Utilization meeting
  • Localization of the MGV-Net system and its components to Nigeria and training of Health Team on the use of the system
  • Training of the data clerks on the data entry of the CC+ forms and providing recommendation back to the CC+ Development team for improvements.
  • Providing support to HSAs and local team on the MGV-Net system and its components
  • Active development and testing of the MGV-Net system and its components
  • Creation of custom Child Count+ modules in coordination with the local health team upon request
  • Creating error detection and resolving template which is use during DQA weekly meeting with CHWs and other Health Team members to discuss identified errors during data entry to prevent reoccurrence
  • Prepare Bi-Monthly report for each E-Health activity in both clusters and send to MDG Centre
  • Focal point for the MVP relationship with M&E Unit of Kaduna State Ministry of Health, Ikara LGA as well as other Partners working on E-Health
  • Reviewing and modifying as necessary the site’s ICT Strategy
  • Providing computer training for trainer of trainers.
  • Reviewing and modifying as necessary the site’s ICT Strategy
  • Monitoring the activities of community Health workers to ensure proper heath care service delivery in the clusters
  • Prepare and present a power point presentation on the E-Health implementation status in Pampaida during weekly E-Health Skype call organized by New York and Senegal MDG Centre to discuss all issues in relation to the E-Health implementation
  • Supporting Family Planning, Immunization, HIV Know your status Campaign and WATSAN outreaches

Coordinating the preventive , Corrective and evaluative maintenance activities related to the Databank

• Creating template for recording system generated errors during Data entry to which serve as feedback

Mechanism for making corrections to the field workers who collect Data from the Field.

  • Support the Project M&E Team during Surveys and collation of quarterly reports from all sectors

• Translating English version of IEC Materials, data collection tools used by Community Health Workers and

other project Document to Local language i.e Hausa and managing all queries regarding project staff email.

  • Ensuring Data quality by periodic Verification and validation of Patients Health IDs to ensure all error are corrected
  • Support the Agric & Business sector during fertilizer loan to community members by providing comprehensive list of community members as well as support the formation of cooperative unions for the purpose of linking them with Bank for Agric loan.
  • Working with Health team in identifying indicators for the Clinic Openmrs as well as customizing the Data entry forms in the Openmrs virtual machine
  • Updating the website of the Millennium Villages Information System on the field activities
  • Updating Technical issue on the readmine site designed for knowledge sharing among all sites to make managing the MGV-Net Database easily
  • Close monitoring to ensure Data entry clerk are entering correct transaction, also identify problems and resolve or escalate problems that are beyond me to the New York E-Health Team for support
  • Coordinating and Facilitating the 6 month CHWs Professionalization on the use of the MGV-Net System.

Support Health Team during weekly C0-Health Outreaches to communities

  • Generation of MVIS, Utilization and CHW Manager and General Reports from the ChildCount+ Report generation Dashboard and prepare Data utilization meeting to support decision making.


  • I was among the USAID Nigerian delegates at Tanzania Regional meeting on the use of mobile Technology to improve Family Planning and Reproductive Health Program held from 12th- 16th November, 2012 at Bank of Tanzania Conference Hall and member of the Mhealth central working committee in Nigeria.
  • Established partnership with PRRINN-MNCH, UNICEF Kaduna, Pathfinder International USA, USAID Nigeria and Community based NGOs
  • Facilitated the implementation of Global Contract Agreement between the Millennium Villages Project and Airtel Nigeria
  • Community ICT/Business Centre and Connect to learn program well managed
  • Established good relationship with Community leaders
  • Introduction of E-Agriculture
  • Health care service delivery and student enrollment increase as the CC+ and Openmrs is tracking both
  • 80% of the Head of household, women and under 5 years children registered on the MAC Server
  • Resolved all connectivity/Power issues accordingly
  • Community ICT/Business Centre is now yielding profit and capacity of Community youth was built on the use of computer and internet
  • Facilitated the procurement of Data plan and other Hardware equipment for the COMCARE roll-out as advanced to the existing Child Count
  • The Rapid SmS platform of CC+ was managed well
  • Capacity of Community Health Workers is improved
  • Used data in changing the face of Health care service delivery and improving the economic situation of the community members.
  • Translated server responses and other Health education messages for awareness creation and other Project Documents to Local Language
  • Proper utilization of the MGV-Net System have simplified Monitoring and Evaluation work
Project Officer MIS
Zamfara State Agency For Community and Social Development Project (World Bank Assisted)
July 2009 - October 2011 (2 years 4 months)

Project Officer MIS @ Zamfara State Agency For Community & social Development Project (World Bank Assisted project) from 2009 to 2011.

Job Description:

  • Prepare Work plan for the MIS Unit and ensure proper utilization of Project Computers and Internet by coordinating the utilization of resources.
  • Posting of Agency’s activities to the website of the CSDP country site under Zamfara CSDP sub site.
  • Training of other Staff on the use of Computer and other ICT facilities when need arise.
  • Maintain record of daily data communication transactions, problems and remedial action taken, and installation activities.
  • Coordinate the compilations of all presentations during trainings which is periodically done for new Communities, Local Government Review Committees and MDAs
  • Facilitated the construction of skills acquisition Centres and Market stalls at various Communities of Zamfara State and also support Women and Community groups in designing a Business development plan for small business.
  • Facilitated building the capacity of rural women on various trades
  • Facilitated trainings on Participatory Rural Appraisal/Community Development Plan PRA/CDP Formulation to enable community members identify their needs by themselves and elect among themselves who will implement the identified micro projects.
  • Conflict resolutions, Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation for Both Local Government review committees and Community Project Management Committee.
  • Monitoring/Supervision visit to the communities implementing Micro-Projects to ensure that they follow work plan and standards and also monitor their financial transactions to ensure proper record keeping
  • Design data collection form to generate data from other department
  • Conduct monitoring visits to the communities
  • Produce monthly, quarterly and annual monitoring and evaluation report base on agreed indicators that will guide decision making and program implementation.
  • Facilitate capacity building for implementation partners to enable them to monitor and evaluate their own efforts towards implementing micro projects in their communities.
  • Work with partners to ensure collection of relevant and appropriate data which is needed for effective M & E system which will be utilized in the monitoring of strengths, weakness and gaps in existing program and services required for reporting on FPSU/World bank commitment.
  • Attend National Quarterly review meetings
  • Facilitated the Conduct Participatory Rural Appraisal/Community Development Plan PRA/CDP Formulation to enable community members identify their need by themselves and enable them to implement the project by themselves.
  • Coordinating sensitization/ advocacy visits to Traditional rulers, Ministries and parastatals , NGOs and Communities of Zamfara Central Zone to let them know all about CSDP together with fundable and non-fundable projects and how to access funding to implement micro-projects.
  • Facilitated the Conduct of Community Project Management Committee election which enable community members elect people that will be charge with the implementation of identified Micro-projects


  • Monitor and supervise various ICT micro-projects and other micro-projects in different communities of Zamfara State
  • The Agency website is updated regularly
  • Timely preparation of Monthly/Quarterly and annual Report
  • Timely Preparation of Presentation for Quarterly Review meetings organized by Federal Project Support

Unit/World Bank

  • Committee Member for the development of National Project M&E and MIS System
  • Project Staff capacity was built on the use of Computer and Internet
  • Facilitated different Trainings for Community Project Management of Communities, Local Government Review

Committees and Desk Officers from MDAs on Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, Conflict Resolution, PRA/CDP

Formulation and many more

  • Facilitated the Conduct Community Project Management Committee (CPMC Election) to enable community members

choose who implement their chosen projects during participatory rural appraisal and community development


  • Community members including vulnerable groups we carried along from Needs identification, Work plan to the implementation of micro-project
  • Tracked the progress of the implementation of micro projects
  • Successful completion of baseline survey
Zamfara State School of Nursing & Midwifery
February 2009 - June 2009 (5 months)

Training of staff on Computer appreciation

  • Facilitate Zonal Training For Primary Health Care Staff
  • Managed HMIS tracking system and Staff data bank
  • Compile monthly/quarterly and annual Monitoring reports of the PHC services in the State
  • Attending Academic meetings
  • Teaching Computer Health Information system and other Computer appreciation to Nursing and Midwives


Managed School ICT Centre

State Clerk
PRRINN-MNCH UK DFID/Norwegian Funded Project
April 2007 - January 2009 (1 year 10 months)

State Clerk @ Partnership for Reviving Routine Immunization in Northern Nigeria PRRINN-MNCH (UK DFID & Norwegian Government Funded Project), Gusau Zamfara State from 2007-2009

  • Job Description:
  • Facilitate the Procurement of Internet and other hardware and overseeing Internet service in Zamfara Office and facilitate the installation of Internet service at Zamfara and Katsina State Offices.
  • Managing project Store and providing logistic support for Projects operations
  • Facilitate Data management Training held at LGA level and Provide IT Technical support to Partners Forum, which comprises all International Health NGOs residing in Zamfara State (WHO, UNICEF, ACCESS, COMPASS and EU Prime).
  • Evaluate and recommend purchase of computers, Network hardware, peripherals equipment and software.
  • Facilitation of Quarterly Training workshop on District Health Information systems(DHIS) for M&E and NPI Managers of 14 Local Government to provide effective Data Management of Routine Immunization in Zamfara State.
  • Export/Import RI DHIS Data from all the 14 LGAs monthly to update PRRINN District Health Information System Database as well as managing day -to -day operations of the M&E systems, including support of field officers in continued implementation M&E tools and instruments
  • Achievements:
  • Provided user support to Staff, Consultants and other Donor Agency Staff in the State
  • Contributed in the success of various Surveys conducted by PRRINN-MNCH
  • Proper Management of Project M&E System
  • Monitor the efficiency of Internet service in the Office
  • Capacity building of State HMIS and LGA Staff Data Management and other Computer Application
  • Prepare Monthly Newsletter and send to National Office for publication
  • Successful Management of the Project Store
  • Facilitated Local procurement of Consumables items and ICT
  • Provided logistics support to various programs/activities
ISP Technical Support Officer (NYSC)
DVI Telecoms
February 2005 - December 2006 (1 year 11 months)

ISP Technical Support Officer at DVI Telecoms, GPO, Wuse Zone 4, Abuja from 2005-2007 during my one year mandatory Youth Service.

Job Description:

  • Provide assistance to small medium business customer by answering their questions, troubleshooting, and Providing solutions
  • Investigate, escalate and monitor problems on the DVI network that affects the DVI Business customer’s product and services
  • Perform the above mentioned duties within the defined procedures and timeframe.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction and excellent customer experience
  • Recommend product, services, and solutions to suit customers’ needs.
  • Initiate ways of defining procedural problems that may occur in our line of business, report the problem and,

when possible, submit a solution.

  • ICT Instructor at the Institute.


  • Supported the Company in satisfying customers need
  • Supported the ICT Training Institute
  • More customers subscribed with the company as as result of giving attention to students and other Customers
Classroom Teacher
Maru Local Government Education Authority
January 2001 - December 2004 (4 years 1 month)
  • Teaching Mathematics, Integrated Science and Computer
  • Coordinating the activities of youth coppers posted to the School
  • Typing examination question
  • Guide student teachers and coppers how to plan a lesson plan
  • Organized quiz competition/ debate for Primary pupils in within Maru LGA
  • Chairman staff welfare committee
  • Attending PTA meetings to enable parents know the status of their child education as well as discouraging early marriage for Girls which is the major indicator for drop-out
  • Conduct enrollment campaign and war against child labor most especially during rainy and Harvest season