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EDUCATE. INNOVATE. INSPIRE are the three words that capture the essence of Sure Foundation Polytechnic. And when used with the logo of Sure Foundation Polytechnic, it's a brand that stands out.Combined with the recurring use of our official colors - red and black - our visual identitydistinguishes us as a unique institution. Sure Foundation Polytechnic is the only independent Polytechnic in Akwa Ibom State dedicated to engineering, computer science,information technology and business. Founded in 2014, Sure Foundation Polytechnic is an accredited institution that blends academic excellence with practical learning experiences and provides a hands-on education that prepares students for a range of challenging and competitive careers. The Polytrechnic's suburban location, in the outskirt of Ukanufun, affords the college the opportunity to remain committed to its mission through collaborations with local business and government agencies. Whenever you see those three words - educate, innovate, inspire - and see our logo, be reminded of a Polytechnic that blends tradition with aspiration, and has a mission and vision rooted in its history. Moreover, be reminded of the programs we offer, the people we work with, the students we teach and the businesses we develop partnerships with. The Sure Foundation Polytechnic brand is a promise that we live by - to offer a relevant education in a supportive environment for career success