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Technical Officer 180 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 2002 to 2008
University of Port Harcourt
Petroleum Engineering, BEng
From 2013 to 2014
Offshore Technology Institute, University of Port Harcourt
Offshore Engineering, MSc


Technical /HSE Officer
All Land Offshore Servicing Company
January 2015 - Present Day (2 years 7 months)

 Professionally and effectively represents organization in situation reports (SITREPS) and strategic meetings with regulatory bodies including DPR, NIMASA, NIPEX, NOSDRA etc. accredited

 Successfully negotiated various technical partnerships with indigenous and foreign organization into provide the needed professional platform to successfully bid higher financial projects.

 Successfully initiated and implemented basic emergency procedures for various emergencies, to equip staff with the technical know during an emergency e.g CPR etc.

 Coordinates PTW documentation for safe and effective operational procedures in technical maintenance.

 Analysing data in order to recommend supplementary processes on wells to enhance production and well life.

 Expertly discussed with business development team available and current opportunities.

 Acknowledge permit-to-work document for a safe maintenance operation and ensures that vendors and contractors are managed safely and effectively.

 Prepare and monitor maintenance schedule with the aid of computerized maintenance management system, for work-orders and asset management in other make informed decisions and resource allocation.

 Successfully estimated wellbore capacity for OML 126 and OML 63 to design mud program.

 Effectively performed monthly HSE training for staff and regular induction for new employees which in turn improved employees’ safety culture and reduced trip hazard to about 60%.

 Ensured timely preparation of HSE performance report with all set objectives achieved.

Offshore Engineer (MSc Intern)
Irovester Engineering Limited
August 2014 - October 2014 (3 months)

 Actively contributed in the designed, fabrication and installation of hydrate formation and control mini-loop apparatus for experimental research on hydrate formation control.

 Provided hourly process variable data to monitor fluid flow in flow lines, determining steady and unsteady flow, henceforth determining the change and cause in flow pattern.

 Line up tubing flow lines for scheduled flow with gradually adjustable choke to record transmitting parameters.

 Assist in pre-commissioning and commissioning to ensure project objectives are met; records passed and failed regions for troubleshooting and re-commissioning.

 Successfully provided logistics support in the conversion of pneumatic to electric control signal on SPCD flow station, Soku and also during OWT analyser for FSO unity.

 Work with a team of operators in the configuration of control and safety valves on the SPDC flow station, Soku.

 Effective reporting and documentation of work progress at on site to determine progress achieved and establish recovery measure for any lagging activity, in order to meet the required project objective within project duration.

 Participated actively in the quarterly training of pipe fitters in order to reduce cost in the provision of external resource personnel.

Project Supervisor (Contract Part-time)
Cancellations Limited (Civil and Marine Services)
February 2011 - October 2013 (2 years 9 months)

 Provided supervisory support during the execution of kick-off and close-out process.

 Synergized various skills of team members to produce team work effectiveness and efficiency to produce maximum output and desired outcome.

 Supervised operations, monitoring and troubleshooting of LARS of ROV on DSVs and subsea equipment installation.

 Ensured operations were successfully carried out according to the company QMS procedures.

 Supervised hoisting and lifting operations as the PIC, to ensure safe hoisting plan is adhered to; objective achieved.

 Assist in preparation of budget and control expenditure.

 Supervised process plant startup and shut down operations according to pre-planned schedule.

 Prepared records of inspections schedules for diving cages, to ensure their maintenance plan is strictly adhered to with the use of conventional NDT operations.

 Effective planning and management of manpower and resources allocation to efficiently and successfully execute project work in order to meet project objective and client’s requirements.

 Created and managed project reports with duly representation project team in the presentation of timely completion projects to the managerial board and clients.

 Ensured proper documentation of project communication procedure in order to continuously replicate successes of future projects, thereby eliminating the time for entirely new procedure creation.

Mathematics Corps Teacher
Government Secondary School Angwal, Kaduna State
July 2009 - July 2010 (1 year 1 month)

 Effectively taught and supervised college student on simplified and practical mathematical concepts

 Initiated and completely executed the construction of a bus stop shed.

 Mentored student on effective public speaking.

 Successfully carried out a campaign on Go Green (A tree Planting exercise).

Safety Officer
Pipeline and Product Marketing Company
October 2007 - April 2008 (7 months)

 Successfully executed maintenance and repairs with a team of engineers, technicians on pipelines and tanks.

 Ensured operations were successfully executed according to the company’s safety emergency procedure.

 Created a database of potential hazards, near misses and incidents records in order to routinely eliminate and minimize the probability of occurrence and in place control measures to address any eventuality.

 Participated in daily routine checks and records on fire-fighting equipment so as to ascertain the effectiveness and ensure due date for servicing to be performed.

Additional information

Certificates, Courses, Trainings
1. TBOSIET: HEUT, (OPITO Certified: 208555011306140005); 2014. 2. Associate Environmental Professionals (A1074); (NREP); 2013 3. Health Safety and Environment Competence Development (Level 2 and 3); 2011. 4. Project Management and Extra – Value Certified Professional; 2011. 5. IADC HSE Rig Pass Orientation (Oil and Gas); 2010. 6. Management and Leadership Development Seminar; 2008.
About Me
I am a result driven Technical supervisor that works well in breaking down the barriers between the technical functions, communicating with a clear value proposition and delivering momentum with greater efficiency and effectiveness for objectives to be meet or exceeded. With project supervisory and offshore working experience in maintenance scheduling and documentation. Team spirited with leadership ability to formulate short and long-term strategies, communicate safety values to drive home critical technical decisions. Reliable and dedicated with a genuine desire to improve productivity, harnessing opportunities, providing support services to optimize safe and productive outcomes. Also a passionate safety awareness officer with OPITO certification in TBOSIET, experienced in formulating emergency procedures, presenting and delivering solutions and training services, with strong networking potential both locally and internationally.