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Technical program director cnfa 12 000
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2008
University of Lagos (MBA)
From 0 to 1992
University of Calabar (BSc Accounting)
From 0 to 1986
Queens College Yaba, Lagos
No added languages


November 2007 - Present Day (9 years 8 months)

The African Management Services Company (AMSCO) is a special purpose company set up jointly by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Private Sector arm of the World Bank. The AfDB acts as the Regional Coordinating Agency.

Project Officer – Nigeria

Main Accountabilities :

Business Development

 Prospecting and identifying viable Business opportunities that are in line with AMSCO’s mandate, as well as the country specific objectives and strategies.

 Placing experienced expatriate professionals (UN Technical experts) in client companies; to help guide client companies through a process of business improvement and capacity building.

Client Acquisition

 Ensuring client is financially sustainable (understanding and interpretation of client’s financial records).

 Writing / Compiling project profiles for approval at Regional level for intervention by AMSCO.

 Ensuring that internal information is well documented on “SalesForce” (A Customer Relations Management software) and updated regularly.

Client Management / Project Management

 Managing of client relationships.

 Managing of AMSCO Manager Relationship – visits / communication to obtain monthly reports for evaluation to ensure that monthly / quarterly objectives are being met.

 Monitoring and evaluation of projects performance in line with clients overall objectives and strategy by means of on-going site visits.

 Facilitating development impact and portfolio management

 Working with clients to provide and effect quality tailored training programs to enhance local management capacity as well as skills of the local staff

 Conducting initial rapid training needs assessment for clients.

 Co-ordination of clients training as identified.

 Submission of monthly reports to the Regional Managers with relevant recommendations for any issues that may need urgent action.

Information Management

 Gathering of information from clients for management, monitoring and evaluation and updating all necessary information on internal system “SalesForce”.

Stakeholder Relationship Management

 Establish and build relationships with all stakeholders including relevant governmental officials.

 Maintain good relationships with public organizations involved with business development – and regularly brief stakeholders on success stories and relevant developments in country.

Senior Program Officer Training
Centre for Microenterprise Development Ltd/Gte (CMD)
July 2006 - October 2007 (1 year 5 months)

 Identify and assess microfinance and microenterprise training needs, plan, organize and implement conferences, seminars, workshops, business development services (BDS), and TOT sessions to meet these needs.

 Responsible for the implementation and monitoring performance of integral component activities within the training and business development services programs of CMD

 Responsible for the preparation of business plans for Microfinance Banks and other Microfinance Institutions using Microfin a business planning and financial modeling software.

 Build capacity of existing and emerging entrepreneurs through Business planning and other Business Development Services

 Train, guide, coach and advice staff and clients on training and development needs.

 Coordinate the development and dissemination of training programs, training calendars, presentation materials, training tools, training course manuals/curricula, and training reports.

 Oversee and support training on use of MIS microfinance software.

 Develop session guidelines for marketing, call backs, follow up and / or acknowledgement of clients.

 Maintain hard and soft copy files of all business development services and trainings.

 Provide technical, organizational and managerial support to marketing and program activities that will promote CMD services and microfinance software among institutions that serve low income and poor people.

 Participate in market research and new product development for microfinance institutions and microenterprises.

 Provide technical and managerial support on research studies organized for the purpose of producing documents for publication.

 Ensure the establishment and update of a simple and effective database of relevant partners and stakeholders; donors, facilitators, executing organizations, beneficiaries/clients – microfinance banks and other NGO MFIs.

 Provide managerial assistance and advice on accounting functions, financial and budgetary control

 Fundraising and strategic planning: coordinate the development of funding proposals, strategic concepts and plans for the effective management and implementation of the overall CMD program, and the training component in particular.

 Represent the organization in relevant meetings as the need arises, and participate in all management meetings as agreed upon.


Developed a value chain project in the agricultural (rice), leather works and textile sectors, won a worldbank BDS grant of $85,000 to implement the project.

Prepared business plans and operational manuals for over 50 community banks transforming to Microfinance banks using Microfin a business planning and financial modelling software.

Submitted donor reports as and when due.

Program Officer Training
Centre for Microenterprise Development Ltd/Gte (CMD)
June 2004 - June 2006 (2 years 1 month)

 Identify training needs of staff and clients (New recruits and old staff).

 Implementing trainings for new recruits and old staff members both for staff and clients

 Plan staff training and development within approved budget

 Design and develop training interventions according to international best practices for staff and clients

 Analyze the effects/results of training interventions in order to follow through with next steps.

 Coordinate and supervise training logistics and support services.

 Facilitate in Human resource management trainings organized by the Centre.

 Facilitate in other internal and external trainings organized by the Centre in different states of the country.

 Work with other facilitators to develop training manuals of internationally acceptable standard.

 Produce business plans for microfinance institutions with five-year financial projections using “Microfin” a software used for Business planning and financial modeling.

 Coordinate the planning, organization and implementation of all conferences, seminars, meetings, symposium and training workshops.

 Participate in research activities and analysis.

 Document trainings and research activities in detailed reports to different stake holders.

 Coordinate Business Development Services (BDS) activities of the Centre.

 Participate in the development of funding proposals and strategic and managerial documents needed for the smooth operations of the centre.

 Participate in all management meetings as agreed upon and represent the organization in relevant meetings as the need arises.

Program Officer Accounts and Admin
Centre for Microenterprise Development Ltd/Gte (CMD)
February 2003 - June 2004 (1 year 5 months)

Human Resource Management & Admin functions :

 Work with management to produce an updated staff conditions of service handbook

 Work with management to design and implement appropriate staff welfare package.

 Work with management to formulate workplace policies

 Put in place an effective staff appraisal system.

 Organize staff appraisals as and at when due.

 Conduct appraisals for middle level and junior staff as and at when due.

 Coordinate recruitment, selection and placement process for all cadres of staff.

 Participate in preparing job descriptions and specifications

 Make presentations on training and developmental needs of staff

 Head and supervise the Admin department

 Supervise effective and efficient filing process

 Supervise the secretary and junior staffs.

 Supervise the process of stock taking, replenishing levels and general stock keeping cards.

 Attend management meetings as agreed upon and represent the organization in relevant meetings as the need arises.

Accounts functions:

 Maintaining an accounting system for the organization. Manual and computerized

 Maintaining the books of account of the centre. (The cash book, ledgers, asset register etc.)

 Preparing financial statements

 Preparing monthly, quarterly and annual reports as well as presentations and memos to management, funders and directors as the need arises.

 Provide assistance in collaboration with other program officers to partner organizations on the use of accounting and funds/loan management software.

Consultant : Accounts; HIV/AIDS Program Design & Development
The Good Neighbour (TGN) Inc. (An NGO)
January 2001 - January 2003 (2 years 1 month)

The Good Neighbour Inc. is a transnational, non-governmental, non-profit making organization. It is an information dissemination organization, focused on public health (especially reproductive health, HIV&AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria), as well environmental issues and soft skill trainings.

Consultant : Accounts; HIV/AIDS Program Design & Development

Achievements as a consultant in TGN

 Developed a successful Global Fund project proposal for the Global Fund first call for proposals in 2002, which was directed to the local country coordinating agency.

 Developed training curriculum, and implemented contents on soft skill trainings on Change Management, Communicating Skills, Effective Team Building, Time Management, Minutes taking and Report Writing.

 Jointly developed trainings on Gender Mainstreaming, HIV/AIDS workplace awareness and conflict management.

Main Accountabilities

 Design, implement and maintain an efficient accounting and

Administrative system for the organization.

 Developed a standard filing system.

 Identify training needs and train the Admin and Accounts staff

of the organization.

 Design, develop and facilitate HIV/AIDS projects.

 Develop HIV/AIDS proposals for funding

 Write reports on already executed projects for submission to

International and local organizations.

 Conceptualize and set up peer group clubs to promote information dissemination on health issues.

 Design and develop Information, Education & communication (IEC) materials on HIV/AIDS, including educational pamphlets on HIV/AIDS, Behaviour Change materials, posters and stickers for the “AIDS Prevention Clubs” of the organization.

 Organize seminars and workshops on HIV/AIDS and STDs and

write seminar papers for presentation.

Administrative and Accounts Officer
Development Information Network (DevNet) (An NGO)
February 2000 - January 2001 (1 year )

 Introduced and maintained a Computer Accounting format

along with manually kept records.

 Took charge of banking operations.

 Maintained electronic files on administrative documents

 Performed other administrative duties.

 Took charge of the day to day running of the organization.

 Assisted the MD in developing and sustaining the different

networks in the health, youths, ICT and other sectors.

 Facilitate network meetings

Accounting Officer
RCCG Monrovia Mission (Monrovia, Liberia)
February 1997 - January 2000 (3 years 1 month)

 Developed the institution’s accounting system.

 Kept the Account records.

Administrative and Accounts Officer
Ashar Information Services Ltd.
March 1995 - January 1997 (1 year 11 months)

 Modified the firms accounting system.

 Introduced a computer Accounting format along with manually

kept records.

 Prepared letters, proposals and invoices for clients.

 Took charge of filing and Administration.

 Supervised the staff, to make sure that they conformed to

Company policies.