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Telecommunications (telco) sector business development manager
Job Type: Full-Time


From 0 to 2009
Obafemi University of Ile-ife
From 0 to 2003
Newcastle University Upon Tyne, uk
From 0 to 2001
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Senior Switch Engineer
Globacom Nigeria Limited
March 2004 - Present Day (13 years 4 months)

§ Trunk/circuit configuration and maintenance

§ Alarm monitoring and management.

§ Regular backup of network elements (HLR, MSC/VLR, CDR).

§ Creation and maintenance of signaling links to other PTO.

§ Creation of new BTS in the MSC.

§ Involved actively in the installation and commissioning of a 540,000 regional MSC of 3 RCPs (Alcatel 8360) and an SSP (A1000 MM E10)

§ Interfaced with various PLMN units (BSS, OMC-R, Transmission etc) as per their requirements.

§ Traffic collection, processing and analysis

§ Operated and maintained ECI DTX-600 and Maximum Pro L3 compression equipment interfacing with other sites.

§ Internal (BSS, IN, DCN, OSS and VSAT units) and external (subscribers)

§ Involved in SS No 7 configuration and management between Alcatel NSS products (Alcatel 1000 MM E10, A83xx machines (HLR and RCP)) and other network elements within and without the HPLMN.

§ Operated and maintained (including disk backup/restore and alarms management) the NSS network elements (SSP, RCP, HLR).

§ Translation (Routing) management of in-switch and out-of-switch indicatives