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Trainer/education manager/ICT specialist 150 000
Job Type: Full-Time , open to relocation


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Post Held Chronological: 1. Personal Assistant to Chairman/MD (Administration/Planning) 2. Quality A
Chrisland Educational Organisation (Nigerian/British Curriculum) Corporate Headquarters: Opebi Road, Ikeja Lagos. Email: Website:
October 2004 - Present Day (12 years 10 months)

Educational Services - Job Schedules

 Responsible and accountable to the Senior Management on all the schools Administration and Operational Activities.

 Planning, Supervising and Monitoring of all school Programme and Activities

 To liaise with Head of Units, Sectional Heads for the day-today operations of the school concerning the needs of all Academic and Non Academic staff members

 Represent the schools at Ministry of Education, Examination Bodies and others Corporate Organisations

 To work in consonance with the Rules and Regulations of the schools to Project Vision, Mission and Corporate Objective

 Responsible to employ best Academic and non Academic Staff members and be accountable for their remunerations and welfare by securing their needs and assign duties

 Ensure efficient and effective control of (Academic and Non Academic Staff members)

 Conduct smooth examinations and ensure quick and orderly release of results analysis from all the schools

 To arrange and organize official staff and student outings, seminars, sports/games, debates, art/cultural activities and students/pupils excursion

 Assisting students to identify their academic values and goals, consistent with their capabilities, interests, and educational backgrounds

 Being accessible and available to students to respond to their questions and concerns

 Clarifying academic policies, college regulations, program requirements, procedures, and other college information

 Helping students define and develop educational plans; assisting in the selection of appropriate course work and opportunities to achieve students’ goals

 Respecting students’ individual needs and diversity

 Assisting students to independently monitor their progress toward achieving their educational and career goals

 referring students to appropriate campus and community resources and services

ICT-eLearning - Job Schedules

 Coordinate the implementation of an ICT vision and model for the organization.

 Provide technical leadership to the implementation of Technology into academic and non academic programmes and ICT activities, trainings and evaluation to improve the quality of education through effective use of technology.

 Responsible for a team of training personnel: instructors, tutors and educators (8 Schools)

 ICT/Computer seminars for all the educators and non-educators.

 Ensuring appropriate administrative staff training

 Ensuring that the organization has awareness of relevant ICT hardware, software and service developments

 Systems/Networking administration (LAN and Wireless) and resource deployment (Management and maintenance).

 Develop training plans, which may cover using computers, customer service, health and safety and management training, as well as training specific to individual jobs

 Supervise work of the ICT contractors, short-term consultants and sub-contractors

Training - Job Schedules

 Assists in planning, developing and implementing training activities throughout the organisation.

 Designs and develops training procedures and programs.

 Conducts training sessions and delivers employee orientations, on-the-job training programs, and in

 Provide support to the 3 Primary schools and 3 secondary schools, pre-degree and educators training development in the design and integration of ICTs in academic programme.

 Oversee procurement, delivery and installation of ICT equipment.

 Evaluating and Appraise the success of the training programme and keep up-to-date with training trends and developments

 Providing administrative support services of the organization in the recruitment, selection, engagement and induction of potential employee of the organization and also carrying out regular staff appraisals and reviews and ensuring staffs have opportunities for ongoing development.

Head, Training
Aptech Worldwide Computer Education - ISO 9001: 2000 Multinationals (SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY PARK LTD – STPL Microsoft Certified Partner)
October 2003 - October 2004 (1 year 1 month)

Meeting and surpassing budgets and targets

Ensure all required admission procedures for students are completed before batch commencement

Creation and maintenance of Batch files (Academic)

Maintain details of students on break from studies and re-admission cases within the centre

Administer feedback to students for class and laboratory sessions

Facilitate and maintain transfer of students within the centre and across centres

Ensure timely conduct of tests, assignments and examination for the students

Ensure certificates indented and received and distributed to students and maintain certificate register

Ensure the required support materials for handling classes are available at the centre at all times.

Training Coordinator/Computer Educator
St. Gloria’s Education Centre - Bank-Anthony, Maryland, Ikeja, Lagos. (British Curriculum-Montessori) (Owners of St. Gloria’s Schools & Computer Training Institute.)
August 2001 - October 2003 (2 years 3 months)

Preparing and delivering ICT lessons (Nigerian/British Curriculum)

Assessment and Marking work, giving feedback and maintaining records of pupils' progress and development

Applying appropriate disciplinary and effective measures in cases of misbehaviour

Using 21st century researching methodology to gather materials for new topic areas

Participating in and organizing ICT Club and extracurricular activities

Maintaining up-to-date subject mastery by engaging in On-the-job-training, Seminars/workshops, Continuing Professional development (CPD)

Selecting and using a range of different digital learning resources/e-learning tools and equipment, such as educational blog and interactive whiteboards, smart digital devices etc.

Preparing student/pupils for internal and external examinations

Ensuring good Classroom climate and managing pupil academic, social and all-round behaviour in the classroom, and around the school premises

Participating in PTA, Parent morning, Open day, ICT strategy departmental meetings

Organizing whole school ICT training activities

Liaising with other tactical/education support staff such school counsellor/careers advisers, mentors/coach, school psychologist