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Sales manager
Lagos • 18 December 1971 (45 years ) • Experience: 20 years 7 months
July 2013 - Present Day
Achieve sales targets and margins and ensure profitable store operations as per agreed Profit and Loss guidelines. Providing critical analytical feedback on store performance at the Weekly / Monthly Trading Reviews in conjunction with merchandisers a
Refreshed: 25 January
Front desk
Lagos • 15 May 1987 (29 years ) • Experience: 4 years 9 months
November 2014 - Present Day
Relationship Officer
My responsibility is to Meet new prospects, tell them about my company, then the different products we have, give them form to fill, collect the necessary requirements from the prospects, collect the cheque or cash and then close the business
Refreshed: 21 January
Store Keeper
Lagos • 6 May 1976 (40 years ) • Experience: 6 years 9 months
March 2013 - December 2016
sales supervisor
Keeping records of daily sales. Sending records of daily sales via mails to head of accounts. Lodgement of cash into companies bank account. Sending weekly report of our balance stock. Disbursment of petty cash to site suprintendent on instruction of
Refreshed: 17 January
Store keeper
Lagos • 27 November 1987 (29 years ) • Experience: 7 years 4 months
January 2011 - Present Day
store keeper
takingstock and recording of all purchasing items,also taking records of any items that's being issued out or receiving into the warehouse.updatingthe day to day pin cards.identifyingan separatingany damage,(ie new or goodsold).requestingfor any fini
Refreshed: 7 January
Store manager
Lagos • 1 December 1981 (35 years ) • Experience: 10 years 6 months
August 2006 - Present Day
Logistics Supervisor
Supervision of store activities and gives directives to the store-keepers, coordinates periodic stock count and informs the procurement department on the need to replenish low stock, checks the quality of raw materials before production, assures th
Refreshed: 1 January
Store keeper
Lagos • 18 March 1983 (33 years ) • Experience: 5 years 11 months
August 2002 - June 2005
To receives all incoming materials and reconciles with purchases order. To Document with purchases reports,purchases orders,received order and damaged stuffs tracks. Keep records,maintain order and keep the warehouse and its environment safe. Supply
Refreshed: 5 December 2016
Lagos • 19 October 1979 (37 years ) • Experience: 15 years 5 months
December 2012 - Present Day
Store Officer
 Collection and posting of daily transactions from various units. Receiving of materials into warehouse Monitoring of stock movement of various units Weekly and monthly preparation of stock movement Store arrangement, tagging and allocation of g
Refreshed: 21 October 2016
Store manager/keeper & account officer
Lagos • 20 April 1987 (29 years ) • Experience: 5 years 9 months
August 2013 - November 2013
Account Officer
I'm presently working with the firm. With the use of Client Integra, I monitor clients' stocks/shares with the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Advice on purchase and sales of shares with the help of senior colleagues, maintain necessary books of account, pr
Refreshed: 13 October 2016
Store manager
Lagos • 20 April 1987 (29 years ) • Experience: 5 years 10 months
December 2014 - Present Day
Store Supervisor
Monitor Purchase and disbursement of stock items from the Store by the Storekeeper Maintain comprehensive stock position at all times Check for proper depletion of waybills as prepared by the Storekeeper Carryout periodic stock counts to ensure physi
Refreshed: 13 October 2016
Graduate trainee
Lagos • 11 November 1983 (33 years ) • Experience: 10 months
September 2013 - June 2014
retail support
I am a very hardworking person with good communication skill gained during my years of experience working at home and abroad across different financial sector and service provider companies, I have vast experience in dealing with private and public i
Refreshed: 25 September 2016
Technical Store Officer
Osun • 9 March 1978 (38 years ) • Experience: 3 years 6 months
April 2009 - September 2012
Store Keeper
Receiving items into the store, check the Part number and Serial number of the item physically with the number written on the invoice Prepare the Goods receive Note (GRN) Raise serviceable tagg or label, fix or attach the tag to the item Inform the q
Refreshed: 11 September 2016
Warehouse Manager
Osun • 9 March 1978 (38 years ) • Experience: 5 years 8 months
April 2009 - September 2012
Technical Store Keeper
Receiving items into the store, check the Part number and Serial number of the item physically with the number written on the invoice Prepare the Goods receive Note (GRN) Raise serviceable tagg or label, fix or attach the tag to the item Inform the q
Refreshed: 11 September 2016
Store keeper
Oyo • 29 December 1984 (32 years ) • Experience: 1 year 2 months
October 2010 - October 2011
Library administrative staff
To participate in cataloguing and classification of library materials. To participate in acquisition development policies of the library. To makesure the internet facilities are perfectly working. To answer users/customers information needs. To take
Refreshed: 7 September 2016
Manager, logistics and warehouse
Lagos • 15 December 1981 (35 years ) • Experience: 4 years 3 months
October 2012 - Present Day
KEY RESPONSIBILITIES:• Verifying and endorsing stock analyses to be supplied to designated customers/regions.• Maintaining stock levels (Released and Un- Released).• Initiating stock requisitions.• Carrying out daily reconciliation with outsourced se
Refreshed: 5 September 2016
Sales executive
Lagos • 1 December 1984 (32 years ) • Experience: 7 years 8 months
September 2014 - Present Day
Retail Sales Executive
In charge of retail sales to outlets, managing of relationships, complaints, service and accounts of all customers in lagos West District. Making sure all products are delivered on time to each outlet. Also enlarging the customer base by aggressivel
Refreshed: 3 September 2016