10 Laws of Career Reinvention

17.12.2015 7422

Many people feel locked into careers that they desperately want to escape. Luckily, switching careers isn’t rocket science. It’s a path that anyone can follow as long as they’re aware of the pitfalls along the way and are willing to apply the tricks gathered by those who’ve made the trek before them.

The 10 Laws of Career Reinvention by Pamela Mitchell, a practical how-to guide written by a Harvard graduate who left her demanding Wall Street finance job to work in the entertainment industry, and who later left her glamorous, jet-setting entertainment job to become a career reinvention coach. We've highlighted the main thoughts in this article for you.

It Starts With A Vision Of Your Life

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According to Mitchell, career — is the main tool for creation of a perfect life. She gives us an example: if someone who has two children wants to spend all their free time with them, than a job of researcher in Antarctic is definitely not for them. Before changing careers, everyone needs to understand, what life do you want to lead. To figure it out Mitchell says you should ask yourself what would your perfect working day be like? At what time did you get up? Do you work at home or do you need to drive somewhere? What does your working space look like? Do you work alone or as a member of a team? You shouldn't be afraid to ask yourself many questions. The more exact will be the description of your working day, the more exact will be the vision of what you want to do with your life.


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