10 Jobs That Attract People With Psychotic Behaviour

25.02.2016 11051

Who do you imagine, when you hear the word 'psychopath'? A crazy ax-murderer? That is not necessarily true. Psychopath is a person who has shallow emotions or lacks empathy. Although, just 1 percent of the overall population qualifies as psychopaths - the fact is they are among us and most of them tend to adapt to the realities of life much easier than other people. Look around - maybe there's one sitting in your office?

Psychopathy is a personality disorder that has been variously described as characterized by shallow emotions (in particular reduced fear), stress tolerance, lacking empathy, coldheartedness, lacking guilt, egocentricity, superficial character, manipulativeness, irresponsibility, impulsivity and antisocial behaviors such as parasitic lifestyle and criminality.

Psychopaths are selfish, resourceful, manipulative and have no morals. Psychopath has no conscience, he isn't capable of sympathy or repentance and runs roughshod over other's feelings for the sake of achieving his purposes with pleasure. They are deceitful, cynical and has no compassion. It seems like no one would like to have such person among their friends or co-workers, right? But, it turns out that in some fields such traits are not only useful, but also help in reaching success.

Kevin Dutton, a research psychologist at the University of Oxford, has dedicated much of his life to studying the brains of psychopaths and he claims that a set of personal qualities of a psychopath often match those that lead to success in our capitalistic society. He's been able to piece together a list of the most likely professions psychopaths end up in. Is your profession in the list?


Sometimes, to rule people and companies you have to have no heart. And the lie, cynicism and manipulations perfectly help to reach career heights. According to the researches - about 4% of CEOs, presidents of the companies and other big chiefs are psychopaths. And when just 1 percent of the overall population are psychopaths - 4% is a big number.

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