10 Jobs for People Who Love Travelling

23.04.2015 2423

One of the most common desires for all people no matter where they live is to travel all around the world. Most of us know that we will most likely have a chance to see other countries only when we retire. But what if your dream job could allow you to travel meanwhile you are making the money? That would be a fantastic idea for most of us. If you are indeed looking for a job that involves travelling, the selection below could be a great solution for you.

Google, GE, Microsoft, Unilever are looking for specialists like you

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There is a job offer of State Coordinator at 2go Models with a very promising salary from 50 000 to 1 000 000 naira. The company requires state coordinators to be working all over Nigeria, in addition to Ghana, Cotonou and other African Countries. If you have good communication and management skills you will be great for this job even if you do not have any experience.


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