10 Tech Terms Even Non-Geeks Should Know And Understand

29.04.2016 4235

A great deal of jargon is used when talking about computers, and it’s surprising how often these terms are used incorrectly.

But sometimes all you need is a short and simple explanation to get your head around a concept and remember it the next time it comes up when you’re learning to code or in a meeting at work.

Below are some technology terms we use frequently in our work, their jargon-free, plain-English definitions.

Internet, World Wide Web

The Internet is the network of computers we’re all familiar with. It’s quite common for the terms “Internet” and “World Wide Web” to be used interchangeably, but these aren’t actually the same thing. The Internet is essentially the wiring that allows computers all over the world to communicate. The World Wide Web is a system that operates via this wiring. Web pages are transmitted via Internet connections but there is more to the Internet than just the web. Many other types of data travel across the Internet too, for example email.

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