13 Famous People Who Are Supposedly Illuminati Members

08.08.2015 1090085

The Illuminati are thought to be a modern-day secret society with ancient roots that is made of up powerful and elite individuals who conspire to control the world — politics, government, religion and entertainment. Their goal is to settle a "New World Order."Believers claim that they are responsible for every important event that's happened in human history over the past two hundred years, from the French Revolution to the 9/11. And despite their secrecy, they flaunt their power and wealth in public using Occult imagery and hand signals.

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Illuminati believers advocate that the current incarnation of the group, which may or may not be in league with Satan, are in control of the U.S. government, the British monarchy, the United Nations, the space program, all international banking institutions, the financial industry, and all facets of music and film. It is believed Illuminati members include the most powerful and popular people in the world. And here is the list of 13 famous personas who are believed to be Illuminati members:


Jay-Z is thought to be one of the most prominent members, holding enormous power in the organization. From the symbols in Jay-Z’s music videos, to the hand symbols Jay-Z makes, the masonic symbols in his Roc-a-Wear clothing line, and even the name of his and Beyonce’s baby (Blue Ivy Carter), everyday more and more people ask the question is Jay-Z in the Illuminati.


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