3 Surprising Leadership Lessons From Nuns

25.01.2016 4758

American journalist Jo Piazza was a reporter of a major tabloid of New York and by her own words wasn't leading a healthy lifestyle. But her life changed when she started to write a book “If Nuns Ruled the World.” In this book Jo Piazza the author of Celebrity, Inc.: How Famous People Make Money and the novel Love Rehab, profiles ten very different nuns who are united by their interests in something bigger than themselves.

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She told the media that when starting this project she wanted to find scandal, but what she did found were stories of extraordinary women and learned that Catholic Nuns are nothing like the stereotypes about them. Angry nuns wielding rulers over recalcitrant children is a stereotype that the sisters just can’t seem to shake. Journalist claims that these women are greatest leaders, as well as team players and negotiators. While writing her book Jo Piazza learned a lot of amazing things, and here are three lessons of leadership that she learned among others:

#1 - Getting Things Done

What stands nuns apart from other great leaders is that they are incredible in delegating, communicating with their team and ingenuine. In their life and work they make decisions based not even on their faith and religion. But on moral principles. First of all they think what would be the best for every single person involved.

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Great examples of such tremendous work are Sister Joan Dawber, the Executive Director of LifeWay Network which she founded in 2007. A Sister of Charity in Halifax, she tries to combat human trafficking by providing safe housing for women who have been trafficked and to offer them an education. She also educates the public about human trafficking. Sister Tesa Fitzgerald, who recently completed a $9 million luxury apartment building to provide affordable housing to female ex-felons and their children. These women didn't hesitate, didn't wait for "right moment" and had no doubts. They saw a problem, knew the decision and simply turned to work.


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