3 Ways to Become Famous Doing Nothing

21.01.2015 124

Here a few ways to become famous by doing absolutely nothing. We gather for you a few ways how to become famous on the internet by doing absolutely nothing. These guys are absolutely untalented, their I.Q. does not underwhelm anybody but the internet and mass  media made them famous.

Play Video Games and Make Stupid Sounds

An internet personality named Felix Kjellberg. His ‘stagename’ is PewDiePie and he has an unbelievable 32 million subscribers. This guy makes "let’s play videos" - videos of individuals playing video games and commenting them. But our guy does this in his own style.

The crazy screaming, laughing and generally acting like he got terrible cocktail of insanity and psychotropic drugs. And now he is currently the most followed entertainer in the world and makes millions of dollars from ad revenue. 

Be hot and let the Internet do the rest

There has been a couple of cases of this phenomenon during the past year. One guy from USA was arrested in June for resisting arrest and robbery. His mugshot was posted on the Police Department’s Facebook page. And then... This guy monopolized all female attention in a restricted area. Soon, his photo was posted on Twitter. After a few thousand of retweets, favorites and shares, account of this guy received 300.000 twitter followers. Unknown small-time criminal became a Twitter&Facebook star, but for a short time. Such popularity is very swift-flowing so don't seek for such fame!

Post violent photos and catch some fame. Ill fame.

Woman from USA didn't search for any popularity and fame. Texas cheerleader, athletic  abilities, team spirit, and... enjoying of killing rare and beautiful wild animals. She posted her "trophies" on Facebook and get her piece of publicity. More than 325.000 people signed a petition to take them down. After thousands of critical comments, our hero decided to repair her public image be posting photos with live animals. After that, she made her own show on Youtube called Game On. It is all about hunting. Bad attempt to gain subscribers and positive reputation.

So, what we have, everybody could gain its fifteen minutes of fame and popularity, all you need is a webcam and photo camera. But beware, the Internet attitude is very unstable, and there's only one step from fame to shame ;)


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