4 Genius Steps for Dealing With Angry Customers

03.11.2015 14264

Whatever business you are in, unfortunately, there will always be dissatisfied customers. But if we know what to say and, more importantly, how to say it, we may be able to save the situation. In fact, we can even end up with a better relationship with our client than we had before.

In this article we'll explore a few steps to follow when dealing with angry customers.

#1 - Listen Actively

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Whatever your client or customer is saying - you should listen carefully. They want to be heard, and what you need to do is to listen actively, and which is more important - show genuine interest. Give your client all of your attention, even if you think you know how to solve the situation right away. Resist the temptation to jump to conclusions about what happened. Just let the angry customer tell you his story, don't interrupt. Start the dialogue with a neutral statement, such as, "Let's go over what happened," or "Please tell me why you're upset." Show him/her that you are on the same side and ready to listen and help.


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