4 Habits That Are Totally Annoying Your Boss

23.08.2016 4935

In a perfect world, your boss never has bad days. He always arrives to work chirpy, he doesn’t have mood swings, he knows exactly what he wants, and he’s always nice to his employees. In the real world, even the best bosses have off days. By doing a few key things the wrong way, you may be making your way onto your boss’ bad side. Here are 4 habits that annoy your boss.

Taking Forever To Get To The Point

Your boss is probably busy. When you bring her information, or a problem, or a question, get to the upshot quickly. If you’re giving 10 minutes of background before you ever get to the point, you’re almost certainly frustrating her.

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Labeling Everything As “Urgent”

You think that your boss needs to know everything and that means everything. You do not bother to distinguish the risk of losing a contract from a blip in delivery procedures. The latter is an inconvenience and probably your job, so your boss does not need to know. Keeping the real emergencies or problem issues for her attention is the name of the game.

Constant Checking-In

If you’re the kind of employee that’s always second guessing every decision, running to management for confirmation before taking a step, your boss is highly annoyed with you.

Unless you’re a new hire, you should already know the ropes and you should know which co-worker can help you first. Your boss has his own to-do list, one that’s most likely a lot longer than yours. If your boss can’t trust you to take initiative and get your own job done, everyone will be wondering why on earth you were hired in the first place.

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Deflecting Criticism

Almost everyone drops the ball at one point or another. But rather than making excuses or being overly sensitive to constructive criticism, own up to mistakes and let your manager know how you plan to avoid similar problems in the future. Your boss will appreciate your willingness to confront less-than-ideal outcomes and will come to see you as someone who can be trusted to respond appropriately, no matter what the situation.

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Even the most accomplished professionals occasionally engage in behaviors that are annoying to the boss. Take a look inside to see if you're guilty of any of these offenses. After all, someone who gets the job done is always valued, but someone who gets it done without causing the boss any concern, stress or frustration is the ultimate team player.


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