4 Things You May Not Know About Jobs of the Future

15.02.2015 63

There is no doubt that job market situation is changing rapidly every decade. 40 years ago for example, a young person had a very good chance of finding a job if he was educated and motivated, if he had a high school diploma he had a much bigger chance.

Nowadays technology and globalization leads to many jobs being phased out and future holds even more surprises. 

Indeed, now a person can search for an apartment, books, buy tickets and reserve a plane ticket online. Future holds even more possibilities, soon enough students will be able to learn from Harvard and Oxford professors. without the need to come to big classes, live in dorms and go to university cafeterias.

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However, imagine how many good things products and services will be accessibl for the youth of tomorrow, many of which were not even in dreams of youth of the past.  With more qualified youth the competition at the job market will be much higher. But what will be good jobs of tomorrow? What should the youth be studying to make sure they will be valued at the job market? Keeping in mind that professions will keep on changing and will be requiring more and more qualifications, dealing with stress and ability to adapt to changes, the most important questions will deal with qualities one should possess to be able to work in future.

Indeed, if you ask people on the streets with at least 10 years after college if they have continued working exactly according to their diploma, you will be surprised by the high number of people who have changed their profession. 

Let’s take a look at most important qualities youth of the future should consider.


The most important skills nowadays and for the nearest future are communication skills. The ability to speak clearly, correctly, to present ideas clearly are of great importance in any sphere. 

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Ability to change quickly according to the rapidly changing job market will determine for how long the person will be competitive on the job market. 


Indeed, to be successful in any sphere it isn’t enough just to be a good person and easy to adapt to changes. A professional with experience that can be transferrable to the other spheres will help you always get a job. Young people that are ready to learn, train and practice will surely be successful.


True interest in a job helps any young person achieve high level of success. High level of curiosity leads to higher educated workers and to amazing results. 


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