4 Ways For Your Professional Growth

23.09.2013 219

Strict requirements to the specialists in the job market overshadow the lives of many job seekers, including those who have many years of work experience. Increasingly, there are situations when the job search is delayed for quite a long period of time. The most common cause of failure is the great number of useless jobs and low-skilled workers.

The rapid development of IT-technologies and continuous economic processes had led many people to think about the acquiring new knowledge or changing their professional activity. One of the most effective ways to solve the problem is the retraining of specialists and getting additional education, which allows for a fairly short period of time to get a new profession. Professional retraining is conducted taking into account existing and missing knowledge for job and requirements for specific professions or posts.

If you really decided to change the post or improve the skills the following methods to achieve this purpose are available:

Advanced training courses

Even if you have a permanent place of work, it is necessary to acquire theoretical knowledge continuously as well as to attend training courses. As a rule, many employers are interested in the professional growth of his/her professionals and confident that the new experience will improve their work efficiency. In this case, the training is carried out at the expense of the company. It is impossible to be a professional and expect to the career growth without constant self-improvement and learning.

Advanced training course is a necessary step not only for those whose job search efforts have been unsuccessful, but also for people who due to the many reasons were unemployed or have been forced to make a long break from work. Especially courses are relevant for managers, executives, financial workers. During the preparation of the CV additional education is a good advantage and let you feel more confident on the job interview.

Paid professional retraining courses

Another good variant is to take professional retraining courses for a fee. One of the main goals of education is getting additional specialty in a relatively short period of time. This option is suitable for those who have limited budget and want to combine study with work. Depending on the specialty the duration of courses is from 1-2 months to several years. A good advantage is the absence of unnecessary and general education subjects and practical application of the knowledge gained. Diploma which is issued after completion of training gives the right to work in the speciality and to pretend for a post.

As a rule, this method is rather popular not only among the youth but also among the people of retirement age. The main motivation is the dissatisfaction with the current work and low wages. New skills open up possibilities and opportunities for professional growth, and respectively arises not only income, but also self-esteem of a specialist.

Getting special or additional education

Increasingly, additional education at the university or in college is necessary for those who need specialized knowledge for a new post to move up the career ladder. Sometimes the impetus for the change is the mistaken choice of the first degree. Learning is never too late, but there are some drawbacks - paid form of education is not available to everybody and it will be rather difficult to combine work with study. The most popular jobs for which there is the greatest demand in Nigeria are medical and financial specialty.

Distance learning

Distance learning is a form of education recognized all over the world and where information technology performs the leading tool. It is very well suitable for those who desire to study without separation from work and home. The distance learning allows to reduce the costs of training (not required costs for rent, travel education both for students and teachers), helps train a large number of people and improves the quality of education through the use of modern tools and digital libraries. In distance learning a variety of techniques for conveying educational information can be used. Usually it includes the most modern computer technology - radio, television, audio/video broadcasting, audio/video conferencing, E-learning/online Learning, online conferences, webcasts.


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