4 Ways To Stop Procrastinating On Your Job Search

21.08.2015 8493

What is procrastination? It's simply a bad habit. You are procrastinating when you're delaying something you really need to do on another hour/day/month. You always find excuses and more important things to do. Procrastinating with your job-search is sidetracking yourself with a diversion.

There can be a lot of reasons why are you procrastinating: you might feel uncomfortable, scared, lazy or anxious. But whatever reasons are - it's a habit that needs to go away.

If you find yourself on a job you don't like and you want to quit, but can't make yourself to start looking for a job - here are the things you can do to beat procrastination and, finaly, start a job-hunt:

Take One Step At A Time

A job-searching process is a long road and it might feel like a massive undertaking. Searching for positions, writing a good resume and a million of cover letters, attending hundreds of interviews might seem dreadful. And if you're currently working this can be a huge deal, no wonder you were delaying it.

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But the hardest thing is to start. When you're thinking about the huge amount of work that needs to be done you, certainly, feel intimidated. And to stop feeling that way all you need to do is to divide this work into small tasks. Set yourself a goal to dedicate one hour of your time to job search every day. One day you can update your resume, next day surf the web for your dream position. Spending just an hour or even 30 minutes on a job-search is not that intimidating, is it? It might take more time, but at least you'll start doing something.


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