4 Ways Twitter May Change Your Career

28.04.2015 557

Social networks may be a great tool for you to move forward with your career goals, find more connections and/or find out the latest news in the areas you are interested in. Be careful, of course, not to get sucked in spending hours surfing through accounts of famous people and reading jokes. Do not forget the purpose why you joined twitter. There are several things you can do to help your career, let’s take a look at all of them now.

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#1 Networking

One of the latest and perhaps one of the most effective tools for boosting up your career is networking. Indeed, while we all know that in order to get a new job you should have a couple of references from important people, imagine what could a reference from an employee of the company you are applying for do? In order to use networking in twitter, you should be looking for people who have a great career in the company you want to work for, or people at the top of the career ladder at the company you are already at, or people from all over the world who could make important connections. One of the best tools to move from twitter to a more personal connection is to look for the topics you need at twitter chats.

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The most important advice here would be not to push it, avoid sending messages and messages to the person you would like to talk to and take it slow.

#2 Information

Create twitter lists of important accounts in several areas not to miss any important content. This way you will keep up with the information you need and avoid spending lots of time searching by hashtags.

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#3 Attention

If you want to be more recognizable in the area you are working at or studying, you might do that well with the help of twitter. In order to get the right attention, you should think about not only posting good content, but also sharing your thoughts on it, or encouraging people on twitter to discuss it. If you do this often enough and your content is great, and you are following other interesting people like you, and talking about other things they are interested in, you might find yourself getting more and more subscribers every day.

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#4 Getting a Job

There are a lot of twitter accounts not only on finding jobs, but also on finding jobs in particular areas and companies. You can also follow great sites like job.naij.com on twitter to find out latest tips on finding a new and better job.


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