5 Bad Habits That Actually Good

02.02.2015 946

Missed your meeting? Spent in Facebook the whole day? Posted viral videos from workplace? Not great. But if someone says you to kick off these bad habits, don't be afraid. Well, let's discuss this. Actually most so called bad habits could be useful, if you will use them right. In the right doses, they won't harm you, but help.

1. Mess on your workplace

No, your bills, invoices and other papers should always be on their places. But a little charming mess is not bad. It could encourage your creativity more than a tidy table of pedant. There are no tidy workplaces for creators. Remember all the artists work in a mess. But don't allow it to turn in organizational disaster.

2. Social media

No boss will appreciate when his employees surfing through Facebook and Twitter all day. He is right, that funny gags, cats etc won't help in your work. But you can spend your time to reach information you need for your business. And in fact it could affect the whole project, because you always could find good material to get some new knowledges and make some improvements.

3. Youtube

"Cute objects may be used as an emotion elicitor to induce careful behavioral tendencies in specific situations, such as driving and office work” (c) Hiroshima University researchers “The Power of Kawaii." Don't spend the whole day looking at funny videos. But you can make a little break and look through a couple. It will refresh your mind and make your brain work right. Don't be lazy, but change activities. In other words: some warm feelings, will save you from routine.

4. Gossips

When co-workers stick together to flap another piece of gossip, you could miss out useful information about your company’s work and some fresh news. But don't speculate about competency. Don't flap about personal lives. It's unprofessional and isolating. Peaceful 5-minute talk with a cup of coffee about positive and good thing could boost your mood for the whole day.  

5. Dreaming

Wistful staring out the windows isn’t a waste of time. Taking the focus off a stressful problem can bring the solution faster, like the ideas you get in the shower or right before bed. “The reason why daydreaming is so powerful is that the thoughts you have come from your unconscious mind,” Burgess writes. Read more about the power of daydreams, here.

Yeah, sometimes simple staring at the window won't be a waste of time. When you dream solutions come faster, ideas are better, mind is clearer. It's like a breath of fresh air or warm swift shower before bed. Dreaming is a very powerful tool, but don't use it too much. Don't get lost yourself in your thoughts :)


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