5 Creative Ways to Stand out From The Crowd

21.05.2015 17201

Want to stand out from the crowd? It doesn't matter what you do. There is a creative way to show off all the awesomeness you bring to the table.

Each job opening at any site leads to thousands of resumes sent to the future employer. Imagine having to look through them over and over hoping to find a perfect candidate, making several appointments daily to invite possible candidates, spending hours interviewing them and then – choosing a right person for the job.

Google, GE, Chevron, Unilever are looking for specialists like you

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If you try to put yourself in their shoes, you will see how hard it is sometimes to see how good a person will be at your job. Sometimes, people are not selected simply because their resumes did not stand out at all.

In order not to be lost in piles of resumes the company receives, we suggest you pump up your resume just a bit to make it look a bit better.

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There are several simple tricks that might help you create a better looking resume.

Adapt the resume

If you are not willing to spend some time adjusting your resume to the job you want to get, why should your future employer spend time hoping you would be perfect? The best way to update your resume would be to write a short summary in the first paragraph describing why would you be perfect for the job and highlighting most important points.

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The other way to do this is to delete all the irrelevant experience from this version of your resume and attach an extra copy of a complete one.


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